Pallet Jackass

First of all, I am so sad that I wasn’t here to record this. Not only would I have been able to post it to YouTube and become an internet millionaire, but more importantly, I would have been able to cut it up and make it into a gif and put it on my Bitter Friday Giftures. Why do I always miss all the fun accidents on my camera? I have the worst timing! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!

Having A Lend

This is also going in my report:
Admit it, you’ve been there. That place where you’ve had a moment of boredom of work and you’ve dealt with it by doing something outside the rules. Nothing necessarily illegal. Not necessarily dishonest conduct. But something a little bit naughty to break up the monotony of the day. Something that will cause someone in a high visibility vest and a clipboard under his arm to say “This is going in my report”.
One time in a factory there were pallet jacks for hauling large loads around the premises. Not one of those new-fangled automated ones that you could walk alongside while holding a button. I’m talking old school. One that had to be pushed manually. From time to time workers were known to make the return trip on an empty trolley if the floor had a gentle slope just like riding a scooter…

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21 thoughts on “Pallet Jackass

  1. Allow me to put it on the record that I always do my own stunts. I don’t have a double. Thanks so much for the re-blog (I had no idea that was a thing). Do you have a favourite that I can reciprocate with?


  2. Many years ago, I worked in a hardware store, and at the end of the day, we would have pallet jack races to the back warehouse. We rode them like scooters, not having the luxury of a downhill slope. Our manager would announce the winner-different days, indeed!


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