Bad Fashion Bitter Friday Giftures


This blog is many things, but one thing it is not is a fashion blog. You will not see an Outfit of the Day, or multiple photos of me trying different outfits on. I will not be giving the best tips for get the best deals on clothes during Black Friday. If anything, I will give you terrible tips and how not to match (get dressed in the dark) or just grabbing the thing that fits out of your closet. Make sure not to polish your shoes and make sure there are not any holes in your jeans, because those aren’t cool at all. The great thing about bad fashion is that not only does it require any time, but it also requires no effort. And anything that requires no effort is my kind of thing. Also something that requires no effort are they Bitter Friday Giftures.

Thank goodness she saved…

…that glass. Wouldn’t have been able to replace that.

Look at this dad…

…stealing a ball away from his kid who wanted to catch it.

Here’s a fashion tip…

…dress like everyone else.


…make sure you copy everyone.

If you want to stand out…

…make sure you fail spectacularly.

Just make sure you use your head…

…for useless things.

Make sure you…

…ramp up your energy.

Don’t be sassy…

…or you might get slapped.

Just be careful…

…Tom Cruise is watching you.

Just make sure you…

…don’t play Dodgeball in school.

I hate it when there is miscommunication…

…on the behind the back trophy passes.

Hit it…hit it…hit it…


Well those are your fashion tips of the day. I hope you are well on your way to becoming a fashion nocon.

Any bad fashion tips for others?


Bitter Bad Fashion Ben


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