“One more episode”

As you might know, I love people that can draw. I envy them for their skills and am bitter that I don’t have them. Also, I love binging on the Netflix especially, what my kids call the Silly Office. And I can’t believe that Netflix has the nerve to ask me in their little pop up if I’m still watching the Office. Of course I am, and don’t stop until the series is finished. Enjoy this post from The Halfhazard Wanderer.

the halfhazard wanderer

one more episode 1one more episode 2one more episode 3one more episode 4

Stop lying to yourself – one does not simply watch only “one more episode.” It’s a horrifying, addictive, binge cycle of one episode after another.

And when you finish the series, you move on to the next!

(*cough* Stranger Things *cough*)

So yes, I’ve been spending the majority of my life – and probably the remainder of it as well – sitting in bed with my nice full-battery laptop, clicking on that “next episode” button repeatedly while my conscience screams “IT’S UNHEALTHY!” Anybody else really addicted to a show right now?


(P.S. Yep, I’m back with another comic. I made an Instagram account recently and I’m trying to post one doodle a day. Another thing I’m addicted to!)

(P.P.S. It’s @kanakatblog hehe)

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62 thoughts on ““One more episode”

  1. My husband and I binged watched ‘The OA’ the other week. It was horrible, we were in a vortex that wouldn’t end, life was put on hold. The entire weekend was a blur. Next-episode-itis is a sickness I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!


  2. Fantastic post! I never not bless the fact that I can draw. I use the term loosely, of course. I love it. It has been a refuge for me sometimes, a calm in the storm of reality. Like journaling is for some, drawing is for me, a release of pent-up feelings or expressions. It is sad that cartooning (my first love) is still regarded as facile, not serious, even childish. Well, the world needs this more than ever. I might be chiselling my art on a piece of slate the way things are going!


  3. Oh man that’s a cute doodle. And TV shows aren’t the only things I binge on. There’s online articles too (ahem, WordPress posts).

    I’ve finished binging on some shows lately, though. I don’t know if you watch cartoons but, ever heard of Voltron: Legendary Defender? The other day I also watched Batman Beyond (IT’S SO GOOD ESPECIALLY THE MOVIE). They’re both on Netflix in some countries.


  4. LOL! We binge watch a lot of shows on the weekends. Especially in the winter when it’s cold and either raining or snowing! We loved “Stranger Things.” Other shows we’ve binge watched just to give you some ideas 😉 are “Homeland,” “True Detective,” “Breaking Bad,” “The Walking Dead,” “This is Us,” and “Ozark.” Just to name a few. They were all really good, but my favorite right now is “Ozark.” Just sayin’ 😉


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