Lateness is Greatness Friday Giftures


As the regulars of this podcast know, whoops, blog know, I am always on time. Just kidding, but really I usually post in the early morning, depending on where you live. Where I live is right here and that is the most important. But you know, lateness is greatness, which is why I am not great. Most movie stars come late in their lives, like that lady in the Titanic, Morgan Freeman, John Hamm, and that one guy that was in the Cocoon movie. I probably have an excuse why I am late putting this post out, but I don’t want to use it, because I’m saving that excuse for a day I show up late for work. Don’t want to waste it, you see. Besides, some posts take longer to be bad, so this one just needed a little cooking in the oven so it could just toasty burnt enough.

I’m sure you want to do this to me right now…

…so go for it.

This gif is amazing…

…and yet such a croc. 

This is the best way…

…to end a dance off.

That’s what the kid gets…

…for needing all the affection. 

The best way to get around…

…in a rainstorm. 



Yeah, I get brain freeze…

…from eating mush too. 

Wow, that guy has such good coverage…

…it’s just trippy. 

This pool…

…has gone to the dogs. 

This guy getting the swing shift…

…is a slam dunk. 

When this guy tried to save the day…

…but he tripped up. 

And finally, just so you know…

…this was done on a robot. 

I really apologize for the lateness this time, but I just wanted to make sure there was greatness involved. Yeah, something like that.


Bitter Ben





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