I Wish That Anything In Life Could Excite Me As Much As Squirrels Excite My Dogs.

One of the things I am most bitter about in life is that I was not given the ability to draw. I have already been surpassed in my artistic ability by my 13 year old daughter. Though to be honest, she surpassed me when she was 2 and first learned to draw. My stick figures still need a lot of work.
Anyways, Joanne here combines two things that make me bitterly jealous, so I thought I would show you just how good she is at both drawing and humor, things which I both suffer at embarrassingly. Make sure to check out many of her other posts which are funny too.

Some Words That Say What I Think

Autumn is an exciting time of year for my dogs, mostly because there is a significant increase in the number of squirrels running around in the park.

When my dogs encounter a squirrel, they experience a level of excitement beyond that which humans can cognitively process.

I could win the lottery, be offered a free luxury round-the-world cruise and discover the secret to eternal youth, all within the space of a single hour, and still not come close to scraping the surface of the excitement that my dogs experience when they see a squirrel.

Upon seeing a squirrel, my dogs become so excited that they are no longer completely in control of their bodies.

All they can do is run around, barking manically, their movements and actions controlled by the all-consuming power of their base instincts

At this time of year, the squirrels are collecting food in preparation for winter…

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12 thoughts on “I Wish That Anything In Life Could Excite Me As Much As Squirrels Excite My Dogs.

  1. Ho Lordy! She is HILARIOUS! Love her blog – thanks for the tip! BTW, the ability to draw is highly overrated. I can draw, but I make zero money. Literally everything my husband attempts to draw comes out looking like a cow in tennis shoes. Everything. Trees. Houses. Cars… And yet he makes enough money for both of us. Go figure. MH


  2. Well, thank you very much, Ben! (I hope you read the sarcasm here!) As usual, I read what you had to say… And as usual, seeing you reblog someone got me curious (if you take the time to reblog, there “has” to be a reason, right?). And as usual, I liked said post, and ended up following said blogger.

    This has got to stop. I only have 24h in a day, and if you keep reblogging people, I will have to leave my job in order to have enough time to keep an eye on everything funny you find on WordPress. I am asking kindly now… But if you continue on, I might have to tell The Internets’ police that you are a stalker pimp! Making people follow others!

    Bitterly yours,



    • Feel free to turn me into the police. However, I might have a solution for your following problem, at least for next week. How about if I reblog one of your posts. That way, you don’t have to follow you and it would save you for another week.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I thought about it, and the police department would probably ask me to come to the police station, and leaving my pj pants is not on my to-do list today.

        I have to agree that your idea would give me a much needed break, and a chance to get ready for your next pick. I’m just worried your readers would be disappointed, then again, it would fit your blog 😉 Bitterness aside, I’d be honored to be reblogged by you, if you ever see anything you see fit to post on your blog!

        Bitterly yours…


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