Slow motion Friday Giftures


Someone must have hit the slow motion button on my life, because I can’t seem to keep up. Just yesterday my kids were just starting school and today they tell me they are in 4th and 8th grades. The other day Donald Trump was this rich real estate guy from New York. Just today someone told me he is president. The other day, I was at Blockbuster picking out a VHS cassette. Now I can’t seem to figure out a place to return it. I just found this new show on Netflix called the Office, and now someone tells me it is no longer on the air.  I guess that is what happens when you spend so much time on the couch. Your slow motion button gets hit and you get really behind. Next thing you are going to tell me that malls aren’t the cool thing anymore.

Speaking of slow motion here are some Friday Giftures…

This dog really…

…sealed them off.

The best way to guard LeBron…

…get in his face.

Face it…

…this guy needs to kick it into high gear…

This dog is just trying to…

…is just trying to mask his feelings.

Nothing like going on a bike ride…

…and get kicked in the dirt.

Talk about…


This guy doesn’t have…

…much chair-ity.

This guy needs…

…some gator-aid.

This guy is learning to walk…

…the hard way.

This kid is learning to surf…

…the easy way.

This guy is learning…

…how to hydroplane.

And this guy is just learning…

…the futility of life.

By the time, I look up, I’m sure the Cubs will have won the world series, and my kids will be in college and asking me to pay the bill. To which I will reply, you should be paying my bills because I’m in a retirement home.


Bitter Slow Motion Ben


16 thoughts on “Slow motion Friday Giftures

  1. So funny:-D
    And, HA, that’s a whole lotta’ learnin’ goin’ on! 😀 Love the cat fishin’ and the learnin’ to walk! 😛

    You spend a lot of time on the couch?!
    You should go on the TV show American Idle! Fifteen couch potatoes compete to see who is the last person remaining on the couch. And you could bring some bitter to make the show better. 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂


  2. Ugh, I know the feeling. I went to call my friends and tell them about my major life event, but my Nokia phone wouldn’t work.

    PS That cat-fishing gif is gold. Many of them are, but the cats really just got to me. Haha!


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