12 Bizarre Behaviors Belonging to the “Blogger Bunch!” (Yes, Us!)

I think all of us bloggers go through this bitter thought process. Stephanie Lewis from Once Upon Your Prime is one of my favorites and you should go read her blog because it is funny and bitter at the same time, unlike mine which is just bitter.

Once Upon Your Prime


The Blogger Bunch!

Here’s a story of a bunch of writer-folks, who’re once a strange set of girls and boys,
Growing up they had their journals and diaries, pretty much ignored all other toys.
Till the one day when these wordsmiths met WordPress, they knew they’d be just as pleased as punch,
If this group could somehow form a Blogosphere, and that’s the way they became The Blogger Bunch!

Ready? Here we go!

12 Blogging Behaviors You Might Recognize!

  1. We excitedly register for a free online WordPress URL, spend hours (no days!) setting it up, picking a perfect theme, arranging widgets, plug-ins, clever headers, tag-lines, backgrounds, and fonts — only to realize when the blog is finished . . . we must now actually write! (Wow, some of us were those brides who registered for china patterns, ordered imprinted napkins, centerpieces, catering, picked out the perfect gown, only to realize…

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3 thoughts on “12 Bizarre Behaviors Belonging to the “Blogger Bunch!” (Yes, Us!)

  1. I’m going to be the contrarian here — but I’ve never done any of that. I just… well write. I haven’t had anything stolen (that I know of). I did more tweaking after I started my blog. Maybe I haven’t been doing it long enough?


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