Friday Giftures for Days

The days are becoming shorter and I’m okay with that. Daytime isn’t good for you. The is the part of the 24 hours period where you have to do things like work, breathe, shop, deal with people, etc.

On the other hand, the night time is when you do fun stuff like TV, video games, mock other people on Social Media and scare people senseless and sleep and imagine lives way better than the one that exists in your waking life. Days are the worst. Let’s just makes days last much longer, because they are way better.

Anyways, let’s just skip the day and view these giftures at night…

Let’s start this day off…

…with a kick and a whiff.

This is what happens…

…when you do things during the day.

I just love when I have a camera recording…

…to see all the destruction in my life.

First world problems…


This is why night is better…

…because sleep is okay then.

When out at night…

…make sure you can aim better.

The great outdoors…

…really falls flat.

And behind…

…this door, we have many bills.

Best half court shot…

…I finally got to see. Think she won the prize?

This girls has a future…

…in the MMA.


…hitting yourself, quit hitting yourself.

Hopefully you don’t flip out…

…or whatever.

Alright bitter people. Let get out there and move through this day as fast as we can so get back to the night where things are way less awkward.


Bitter Friday Giftures Ben


11 thoughts on “Friday Giftures for Days

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  2. If you can’t sleep in a school class where can you sleep?!?!? 😛

    Oh…that’s right…at church or in court! 😉 😀

    Would a tub of butter, or some cake batter, make you feel better, less bitter, Ben?!?!
    HUGS and Happy Whee-kend!!! 😀


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