Hi, I’m Date Mike. Nice to Meet Me Friday Giftures

There’s nothing better or more offensive than when Micheal Scott does a character. The best part is that he can always blame it on the character. Much like I do when I blame all the bitterness on Bitter Ben. He is just the worst sometimes. Anyway, when Micheal Scott becomes Date Mike, he is just so gracious. He is kind enough to allow people to meet him. Not everyone is gracious enough to allow people to meet them. Just like these giftures.

Andre Iguadola showing his generosity…

…by denying two high fives…

Round and round it goes…

…where she ends up, nobody knows…

This guy is so nice…

…I mean who doesn’t love getting woken up by the chainsaw prank?

This is just like most modern boxing matches…

…all punches, no landing.

This guy was trying something really safe…


…and got the result he expected. 

This is where you are supposed to walk the dog…

…not let the dog walk you.

Or when you are supposed to carry the popcorn…

…not let the popcorn carry you.

The difference between cats and dogs…

…the dog would have at least tried to catch it in his mouth.

I’m not sure if this guy knows…

…but clarinets aren’t played by strumming them like a guitar…

This guy is welcomed by the bus…

…like most people are welcomed by Monday.

This guy is such a pig…

…don’t know what he is bacon. 

Don’t you hate it…

…when you just barely miss the train?

Well, have fun this weekend and hopefully some of you will get to go on a date with Date Mike. It’s nice to meet him.


Bitter Date Mike Ben


21 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Date Mike. Nice to Meet Me Friday Giftures

  1. I posted the following reply on my site, but I figured I write it here too. That said, I don’t expect you to post it on your site given the content; I’m putting here just in case you don’t see the one on my site. I know this comment will go into moderation, that way you can read it but not post it.

    So, after a conversation with WordPress.com support, I finally figured out the issue. It turns out that because my site is hosted through WordPress.org, all I can really do is manage content a little easier; I can’t reblog anyone on WordPress.com, and no one can reblog me. I tried reblogging your “Copy and Paste” post (because that would be wonderfully ironic of me, and it’s a hilarious post), but even though I can see the button on your site and click it, the post didn’t show up on my site.

    It looks like WordPress,com and WordPress.org don’t play together as nicely as they should. Therefore, it would appear that the only other option would be me guest posting on your site. I realize that may not be something you’re up for, and I totally understand if you would prefer not to. That said, I’ll be quite happy to have you guest post on mine, although, as I said earlier, I don’t get nearly the same amount of web traffic that you do, so the exposure will be minimal (but it won’t be shower related, so there’s that).

    All that said, I apologize for inadvertently causing all this confusion and interrupting the reblog cycle you set up.


  2. That’s how I carry popcorn at the theater.
    That’s not the right way?!?! 😛
    When chores are not done at my house I blame Maid Carolyn. (she’s such a sloucher) That way I’m off the hook AND off the hook! 😉 😀 (both definitions fit…the normal one and the Urban Dictionary one) 😀
    Thanks for the laugh, BB! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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