How To Write An Unpopular Blog

As part of my Saturday/Sunday reblog, I found this post to be very funny and well played. I also appreciate the snark and sarcasm. Or the snarkasm. Anyways, great post. I hope you all enjoy.


Unpopular is defined as:

Not popular or liked

I have about 120 followers and I’ve had this blog for a year.
Does that make me unpopular? I don’t know.

Eventually, I’m going to give up on it. Probably. I’m sure something will happen in my life and I’ll just stop posting. Or maybe I’ll start over. Maybe I’ll keep going? Either way, I don’t think anyone will care. I don’t expect them to. We are strangers and my life isn’t particularly interesting. I’m finally okay with that.

We fixate so hard on followers and who’s reading and whether we’re posting the right thing, how to get more followers and so forth. I’m usually running away from such things. With great success because I’m not that popular anyway.

My other blog has roughly the same amount of followers and I’ve had it for almost six years.

So I know what I’m…

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18 thoughts on “How To Write An Unpopular Blog

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  2. This is great… a post that would resonate with many bloggers if they ever found time to read and comment. For the first six months, I paid a lot of attention to the STATS page, now I don’t really care. I’ve gotten more followers by not trying to get them than by trying really hard, so que sera sera. BTW Ben, this is an excellent idea–posting other people’s stuff instead of wasting time writing your own. I am in awe of your genius. 🙂

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