Sit at home Pro

Get ready for some footage completely opposite of this.

Even though Father’s Day is like months away or something, I got a present I have been wanting for a while now. I’ve been saving up favors from Christmas, my birthday, and getting a job congratulations gift, so I could bundle all those into this one present.

I got a GoPro. It is so amazingly small that it can fit inside my hand and I can take pictures with. Oh wait, most cameras can do that? Well, this one can also take video. You say just about any camera, but a Poloroid can do that?  Gahhh! Well, this camera can like be mounted with accessories so you can take first person view pictures and videos. Other cameras do that too? Frick! Stop doing this to me.  Well this one is also waterproof. Don’t even say it! Fine, other cameras can do all that and more. Well, this one looks cool or something…I don’t want to talk about the features anymore.

The whole thing about the GoPro is that it is targeted toward the active lifestyle kind of person. The kind that go fishing and camping, and canoeing and hiking and biking and the sporty kind of person. Well, guess what? They just found someone outside of their target accidentally.

Get ready for a new segment of one that will be using your camera in a whole new way. Let’s call it the Sit at Home Pro, segment of people. We will use this camera to film me sitting on the couch. We will use this camera to film me driving to work. We will use this camera to film me sitting at work typing on the computer all day. You are going to see some of the prettiest, most spectacular looking boring stuff you have ever seen.

Popcorns ready!

It is going to be some landmark boring footage. You will see some shaky footage of me falling asleep then staring at the ceiling for two hours until the battery runs out. You’re going to see some staring at the fridge to find something to eat footage. You are going to be looking at some great film of me watching the microwave count down from 2 minutes of microwave popcorn.

You are going to see water boil for 20 minutes. You are going to see me play games on my phone, and play games on my TV, and arguments with my son about how many pitches I have to throw to him before he can finally, mercifully go inside and I can lay down again. Get ready for some fascinating Truman Show like footage of me brushing my teeth.

The world around you is going to start to change, and you are not going to want to miss it. Hang on, because it is going to be one heck of a boring ride.

Jump on, before it is too late to take a nap!


Bitter Sit at Home Pro Ben


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