Watch This YouTube Video (that may or may not feature your favorite bitter person)

I know you people are pretty bad at watching my YouTube videos, as evidenced by the really low amount of people that watched and commented on my videos I did about 1 or two years ago, and the extremely low amount of viralness they have achieved in the YouTube realm, so now that I’ve scolded you for your lack of attentiveness to my fame and fortune, I’m going to give you all another chance. Not that you won’t blow this one, but I have little faith in humanity, so I know you will all do just fine at failing to do what I tell you to do.

Here goes anyways. So there is this guy who I’ve never met and he is doing a class project about a blog that he finds bitter. Or course, as the world’s leading authority on bitterness, he chose to write me and ask if he could get more info on my blog and how it started (you know, because he was forced to do it for his class.)

Being the bitter person I am, I waited a while before answering, because I had all kinds of things to do (play video games, lay on couch), but eventually I answered. Well, come to find out, he did a YouTube video. And it was about the most famous bitter person, and also Louis CK. So maybe it was about him mostly, but I’m in the video (taken from one of the videos I did that you all ignored). So, don’t do this as a favor to me (because of course you don’t owe me anything), but do it for him. Make him go viral (and by him I mean me). But whatever. Or at least watch the video.


Anyways, it is up at the top, so go back there and watch it. Got it?


Bitter Later Ben


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