The Unmitigated Disasters of Friday Giftures


This week has just been…uggh. I should have expected that though, as it is my least favorite month of the year. The rejections came fast and furious, usually waiting for just the right moment. I get some sort of momentum going then, Schreechhhh! It’s comes to a halt by just a few stupidly placed words on a rejection email.  I watch a movie this week on Netflix about two girls robbing a train. It was ridiculous. But not near as ridiculous as this week has been. Since my bitterness is at an all time high high high high high high (or however that song goes) I thought I would share my lack of momentum by showing you other’s lack of momentum in gifture form.  Presenting…your gifs..

Let’s just hang out here…

…in the water.

Buy me some popcorn and Cracker Jacks…

…I don’t care if I ever get smacked. 

Jump around…Jump around…

…make sure you fall down…

Wood you like to come watch me…

…kick it?

You know when you think you know exactly where you are going…

…and then you see a detour sign appear?

The sign is absolutely correct…

…someone is a little slow.

Why go full out to hurt yourself…

…when you only need to do a half flip to hurt yourself. 

Don’t you hate it…

…when you are mistaken for a socker ball? 

This is why I prefer…

…not to face my problems head on. 

This is like a baseball treat…

…double header…

No rest for the weary…

…in the rest room. 

This must be a stunt guy…

…for the Fast and Furious…

May your weekend be as disastrous as your week was. I’m out.


Bitter Disaster Attracting Ben

28 thoughts on “The Unmitigated Disasters of Friday Giftures

  1. Haha, those two bumping their heads :’) If you see it happen, why experience it yourself? :’)
    And that poor woman in the water… At least the mayor puts his necklace down – I think in an attempt to jump in and save her. Aww.


  2. The guy on the bathroom door was my favorite. 🙂 I’m so sorry you’re getting rejected. Been there and done that a few times. Has linked in had any prospects for jobs? It helps to network but I’m sure you already know that. You’re looking at customer service right?


  3. What was that guy doing in the restroom? Doesn’t he know it’s not a rock climb? I also loved Stephen Merchant leaping over chairs only to get blocked by that guy. Do you know what movie that is from? The ice skater getting a face plant into the door jam was pretty wicked awesome. Then you had the nimrod attempting to leap from a coil mattress? Didn’t he stop to think that his shoe might get caught?


  4. Hmm, I’m wondering if you work in accounting or somewhere that tax season hits hard (since it’s your least favorite month).

    And I’m laughing WAY too hard at that kangaroos kicking a kid across the room.


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