St. Bitter Patrick’s Day Friday Giftures

I’ve never been much of a St. Patrick’s Day guy because I don’t like being told what color I’m supposed to wear, and I don’t like people in my personal space trying to pinch me. And if they pinch me, I should be growing an inch, not because I forgot to wear green. Plus, when was the last time we got the day off for St. Patrick’s Day? According to my watch, not once. Also, Lucky Charms aren’t that good and I haven’t been able to find any gold at the end of the rainbow, so booo. Anyways, here are the Giftures.

It’s going to give you a slight little…


So what I’m going to need you to do is…

…bike as fast as you can right under that thing.

Alright for your tryouts this week…

…we’re going to need you to do a sumersault into a triple rollover into the pool.

Let’s observe him…

…as he walks right into the pole.

Alright dear, what do you think of your haircut…

…awesome, she’s speechless.

Alright let’s Segway to our reporter on the street…


Let’s get one of those street floppers to sell our cars…

…or just get some people to do it for us.

Which one of these…

…is not like the others?

Pretty impressed…

…that the kid took the punch better than the toy.

Sometimes it is easier to run through your obstacles…

…than jump over them.

When the background…

…is way more interesting than the foreground.

Let’s just finish it out with…

…pizza and video games.

Have a Bitter St. Patrick’s Weekend. Gotta go get rejected by jobs!

Speaking of which,

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Bitter St. Bentrick’s Day Ben


26 thoughts on “St. Bitter Patrick’s Day Friday Giftures

  1. I always look like that one guy whenever I am in public. Also, running over obstacles takes less energy. You could apply that theory to job hunting. Tell people they will hire you. Be proactive.


  2. Happy St. Patty’s Day Ben. I will be wearing green, and I don’t like those comments about redheads and green clothes making me look like a Christmas tree…makes me bitter and a little mean.


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