Sitting Down on the Friday Giftures

Not all the time, but sometimes when I’m coming up with ideas for the subject of my Friday Giftures, I ask my son to give me a word, any word. He will throw out some obvious ones, like bitter or whatever book he is reading at the time, and I deny him several times until I tell him that it has to be a verb, or action word. So he finally threw out the one I was doing at the time, which was sitting. It’s almost ironic that sitting would be considered a verb, seeing how little action it takes to do.
Sitting is the world’s best nexercise(non exercise). Which is why I do it so much. Not only does it help you develop a bad back, but it helps with lethargy, inactivity, high blood pressure and a number of other things a getting older bitter guy needs. Combine that with pizza and watching TV and you have all the reasons why I’m such a young old guy.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the bitterness…and this weeks sitting Friday Giftures.

Why people would treat a valuable…

...sitting instrument this way is just cruel and unusual.

…sitting instrument this way? It’s just cruel and unusual.

This guy is just doing a service to these younglings…


…preventing them from standing too long. 

Clearly Bane knows how quickly sitting kills…


…because he is inviting this fellow to sit.

Clearly this fish was a little tired of hearing this lady rant on…


…so he told her to take a seat. 

This guy had a chance to take a seat…


…but he went the active way and got up. Some people just don’t get it.

Some people should just need…


…a little more help sitting down.

This lady is just trying to help this guy…


…be less active and bad at his talent.

This car could tell the guy on the sidelines was getting fatigued…


…so he scared him sitless.

This guy was just helping her sit in the pool…


…instead of sitting by the pool.

The Force helps people…


…and pins take a seat.

Who doesn’t love a set of saloon doors..


…to help children take a seat.

The best part of sitting is you can do it…


…even when you are exercising.

Let’s face it. Standing, running and walking are pretty much the worst. If there is ever a possible way to avoid it, do it. And when your friends are doing it, you should do your best to help them sit.

Later bitters.


Bitter Sitter Ben

36 thoughts on “Sitting Down on the Friday Giftures

  1. I exercise by sitting and putting my feet up. If I use a manual footstool, this involves flexing my quadriceps as I lift each heavy foot up to the footstool without the aid of my hands. If instead I use the automatic footstool, I pull on the lever on the side of my La-z-boy. This exercises my bicep. Either way, I’m getting kind of buff with this putting my feet up sort of exercise.


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