Up Bitter Creek Friday Giftures

I just heard that it reached 90 degrees in Arizona, which I’m told is the record for earliest 90 degree day there ever. This happened as the rain continues to drizzle in the plizzle where I livel fo shizzle. Did you just see how my language devolved into 1990’s Snoop Dog? How uncool was that? Anyways, we have so many water particles coming from the sky here that eventually these rain particles get together and party like it was 1999 and come together for a time. Sometimes there are so many of them, and they are so all inclusive that they form large oceans, lakes, bays, or seas. But then there are these really exclusive water particles that only allow the best of the pond scum to join their raves. These are called creeks. And sometimes you are so screwed that you are up a creek without a paddle. (My son got to choose the subject today and the word of the day was creek.)   Speaking of being up a creek, check out these unfortunate gifs.

Come on flying squirrel…


…you can’t learn to fly if you don’t leave the thumb.

The original poster was worried that the movie…


…wasn’t attracting enough attention.

This guy needed a little more…



Some people aren’t big fans…


,,,but you know, whatever floats your boat. 

Some kids are crazy…


…and other are just in tents. 

I would call this a cat-tastrophy…


…but you would bearly believe it. 

I think he would have made it…


…if he had a little more training. 

Once this guy posted his parkour on his home page…


…his website exploded. 

They say not to play in traffic…


…but how can you resist when your ball gets lost in the street?

I know you should be working right now instead of looking at gifs… 


…but today we’ll just let it slide. 

When you eat the last piece of salad(just kidding pizza)…


…and there is only a paint can nearby.

When you think you are awesome…


…because your foot just happened to not be in your mouth for once. 

So wisdumb for the day. Whenever trying to navigate the creek of life, always forget your paddle. Because having something there to guide you through life may make things easier for you, but it also makes it way more boring. And boring just doesn’t make it on the Friday Giftures, which goes viral to 10’s of people every week. And who doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of 10’s of people in exchange for nothing?


Bitter Up the Creek Ben


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