Bitter Rivalry of the Week: The Easy Way vs. The Hard Way

Things were all

An easy day of school. It was only 30 below that day.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I grew up in South Dakota. A little known fact about South Dakota. The streets went uphill both way. The street always had 4 feet of snow on them every day of the year. There were no cars or calculators, or technology. Heck, there wasn’t even Google.

My eyes were opened for the first time when I finally left South Dakota. There were streets that actually went downhill.ย  I finally saw what was on the bottom of streets(it’s called concrete or gravel).ย  I saw people actually inside ofย  these motorized horseless carriages that dripped oil and made loud noises. I saw that one plus one didn’t need to be counted out on your fingers or the abacus. When I wanted to find out information, I didn’t have to go ask Uncle Ned, but I could ask this Google guy and he didn’t have to start his story by saying, “It all started when I was wrestling this ox….” It was like there were shortcuts to doing things.

We got these fancy new machines when I started.

We got these fancy new machines when I started.

I found out there were two way to do things.

The Easy Way – Phones that can do everything for you, like allowing you to move from the kitchen to the living room without getting chocked by the cord. TV’s that allow you to change the channel without getting up and moving the dial. Watching movies without having to rewind them before you return them to Blockbuster. The research paper that doesn’t need to be researched by talking to the original source, and that doesn’t need to be scratched onto a scroll by a charcoal pencil made by finding your own piece of charcoal.

The Hard Way – Having to use you Iphone 6, because your Iphone 6C needed to charge, and only getting three bars of Whine-Fi or 4GLTE when you are over the Atlantic. When you have to build a fire in your fireplace with a lighter and $100 bills when your power goes out for 20 minutes before you go to bed. Having to rough it on your vacation by flying in first class because your private jet needed to be refueled and staying at the Four Seasons in only a two room suite, because the Presidential Suite was taken by Oprah at the last minute. Having to eat ungrass raised beef at the restaurant, and trying to decipher the time on your backup Rolex.

The presidential suite wasn't even available. Ugggh.

The presidential suite wasn’t even available. Ugggh.

So which way do you do things? Easy Way or the Hard Way? How do you survive either one?


Bitter Way Ben


61 thoughts on “Bitter Rivalry of the Week: The Easy Way vs. The Hard Way

  1. I feel like I do things the easy way but it can still be quite hard at times. I also liked reading about South Dakota because it’s not a state you hear about that much.


    • Well, let’s just say you aren’t missing much. It is so bland and cold, especially during the winter. Though we didn’t have many gangs there because it was so cold and they don’t like running streets that they can’t walk safely on.


  2. Have you ever been to Wall Drug?

    On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 12:56 PM, Bens Bitter Blog wrote:

    > bensbitterblog posted: ” As I mentioned earlier this week, I grew up in > South Dakota. A little known fact about South Dakota. The streets went > uphill both way. The street always had 4 feet of snow on them every day of > the year. There were no cars or calculators, or technology” >


      • Years ago, I went through South Dakota with a friend. The road was long and the scenery the same. There wasn’t much to look at, until we noticed these signs at the side of the road, so many different signs referring to this place called WALL DRUG. By the time we got to the exit we said, “WE GOT TO SEE THIS PLACE.” What we found most interesting about this place was the brochure which indicated that Wall Drug had signs (saying Wall Drug) all over the world! Several months later, we were in New Hampshire, climbing Mt. Washington. Near the summit, I jokingly said, “Wouldn’t it be strange if there was a Wall Drug sign up there?” I didn’t mean it, didn’t expect it — BUT IT WAS THERE — on the old lookout tower. It was rusted and probably no one would see the sign, know what it meant (There was a new tourist building near by.), but we knew. We took our picture next to that sign! I never forgot it. Every time I see a car bumpersticker with the words WALL DRUG on it, I have to smile! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Sometimes I miss the days before “the easy way.” And the hard way will be forever out of reach for an underpaid (read: free) blogger like myself. Should my first novel hit the New York Times bestseller list and life bestow upon me two Rolexes or a private jet, please beat me to death before I have a chance to complain about it. Bitter Best to you, JJ42


  4. Thought: The “Easy Way” is an illusion. Sure, it’s “easier” to use a remote control to turn TV channels. But then, you have to search for it when it’s missing, replace the batteries, and figure out what the colored buttons and weird buttons, like SAP mean. So much easier to just get up and turn a manual knob. The Easy Way is often just a harder way in disguise. Also, IMO, the rewards of getting something for very little effort are far less satisfying.


    • It would be nice every once in a while to have a phone that didn’t have to rotary dial and ask a phone board operator to transfer my call. I do have a great idea though. A keyboard on a phone where you can type messages to your friends and they could read them. I will call it “texting”.


      • I don’t think it would fly. Think of all the time and effort and spelling errors! Seems like it would be so much easier to just talk to people. Of course, neither one of those works well when one does not have friends.


        • Well, here’s the other deal. I think if we just shorten words to stuff like LOL, and BRB, people will like using it. Girls will get mad at boys for not texting, boys get annoyed by girls texting too much and it will become a national phenomenon.

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  5. I still find myself doing things the hard way…calculating #’s in my head, digging for a pen & paper to write someone’s name & # down when I have a cell phone in my hand with all I need on it. Instead of acting 44 I act like I’m 90… ๐Ÿ˜•


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