It’s Time to Bail Gifture Friday


In case you didn’t know it, I am here to remind you that today is Friday.  That means it is time to bail. Time to throw aside your work clothes and put on “Casual Friday” clothes.  Time to bail on your diet that you committed to on Jan. 1 and get some pizza instead of the same boring kale rice cakes you’ve been pretending to love this week.  Time to bail on all that work you’ve been pretending to do to impress your boss. Time to bail on working at all past noon, which is a tradition around my desk area since before most of your were born. Time to bail on any kind of well thought about bitterness and just throw up some Gif’s for your bitter eyeballs so you don’ t have to read anything today and just look at fools do fool things.  Like I said to my son last night, when someone falls it is funny to everyone in the world except the one that fell.

Looks look this guy should have bailed…


…before he woke up this morning.

You know when you Micheal doesn’t like you…


…you’re either Toby or really annoying.

Remember to hang in there sometimes…


…because it might result in an even bitterer moment for your buddy. 

Nothing is better than gravity…

There is no better

…because no matter how hard people try to fight it, they still end up on their rump at the end.

Just remember…


…having the reputation to miss everything gives a great gift in life.  No one will ever ask you to do stuff. 

Don’t you always…


…get a little tired of being missed all the time?

Apparently this guy…


…doesn’t get tired of missing. 

And this guy might be…


…missing his doughnut, but the seagull sure isn’t. 

Looks like this cat is missing his home planet though…


…so he’s gonna bail. 

It’s about time we put them to work around here…


…dog food isn’t free you know. 

Try to bail early and often…


…because Monday is lurking right around the corner.

Because if you get out early enough….

...this could be you the whole weekend.

…this could be you the whole weekend.

Whatever you have committed to do this weekend, make sure you find a way to bale. Whether it was to go run errands, or visit a friend or go to a game or go to a restaurant. Make sure you bale early.  Because you can disappoint just about anyone, but don’t ever disappoint Netflix.  Cause Netflix has always waited around for you.


Bitter Bailment Ben

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