Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Foods that taste good vs. Heartburn


Ever since Adam and Eve left the garden, there has always been a fight.  A fight for real estate.  All of sudden, there was a place they couldn’t get and that drove the price of the real estate up. And ever since then there has been the horribly clique saying that real estate is all about “Location, Location, some place or something”, I can’t remember how it ends. Anyways, supposedly some places are more valuable than others.

Food has always found my stomach as prime real estate for some.  Pizza is always lived in the neighborhood, double cheeseburgers have a password for the gate, and Pasta with creme sauce welcome any time at the neighborhood barbecues.

But then as soon as everyone is having fun and tasting good, then the life of the party killer, Heart Burn jumps over the fence, start punching people in the stomach and dragging them back up the esophagus.

All the foods just want to have fun and party and do what actually makes them happy.  a

All Heartburn wants to do is regulate and keep the rules and bully everyone into do what is right “for the whole body”.  Something selfish like that.

So whose side are you on? The party all the time foods like Pizza, Burgers and Pasta or the pain in the butt, party pooper Heartburn?


Bitter Rivalry of the Stomach Ben


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