Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Day v. Night


Annnd…now the awkward season of “Did I accomplish anything this year?” begins.  At least for people that actually have goals and stuff.  Those people are probably hard at work with guilt and regret and suffering because they didn’t live up to goals.  And scheming is taking place to start new goals. That must cause real bitterness for them.  I, one on the other hand, am bitter because I achieved way more than I should have.  Especially since I was awake before noon and in bed before 3 am most days.

Are you a Superman, optimist Daytime person?...

Are you a bright light, optimistic Man of Steely daytime person?…

Speaking of days, and nights, this post is all about who dominates the 24 hour cycle which we call a “day”.  So already at the top of the discussion we observe Day as an overly ambitious, manipulative arrogant time thief, especially during the summer months.  Day unfortunately causes upticks in productivity, and requires that most of us actually be awake and forces us to at least pretend to do something.  Things associated with day.  Jobs, driving in traffic, sitting over computer screens, talking with other people, thinking about stuff that you don’t want to, messy hair, and destroying dreams. It is also associated with noise.  Birds chirping, rooster crowing, cars honking and people talking way too much. Superman usually brings justice in the Daytime because he gets his power from the Sun. And he knows there is another hero meant for the Knight.

...or a sneaky user of the shadows Dark Knight?

…or a sneaky, brooding user of the shadows Dark Knight?

Then there is the bitter night.  Night is a stalker, a thief, a villain, and manipulator of the hours during the winter time.  Night is associated with shadows, sneakiness, horror movies, dark alleyways and darkness.  People seems to want to burn midnight oil for some reason during it, and it may be where some people get the quiet they require to get their best ideas. For many, it is a time of sleep.  For some reason, people like to close their eyes during most of it, whether it is during a scary movie, or because the couch they are laying hypnotizes them into it, or because sleep keeps beckoning them to do so.  Night is usually a time of quiet, and silence. Big things during the night is TV shows, dinner, not working, running chores, stores closing and video games.  Batman loves it, because he is dark, and so is the night, thus the dark night and…the Dark Knight. See how that works? Besides, he lets another Super Hero handle the daytime.

So, who’s side are you on? Or should I say, who’s hours make you more bitter? Is it the brightness of the day, or the darkness of night? Do you like productivity or wind downivity? Do you prefer the noise and bustling of the day or the quiet stalky, thiefingness of the night?

Whose side are you on?


Bitter Danight Ben


39 thoughts on “Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Day v. Night

  1. People think that I’m “a bright light, optimistic Man of Steely daytime person,” but inside there are a lot of clouds. At the risk of increasing your bitterness,I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, prosperous 2016!


  2. I am definately on the dark side… Except when it comes to Starwars, but that’s a whole other debate.

    I was thinking about saving up to start a bi-annual moving between Scandinavia (somewhere in Norway maybe… from where I could enjoy a near 6 months night, and go to Denmark at night not to break my cycle). Problem is, I would probably have to move to Antartica for the other half of the year, and then, I’d be stuck with a freaking freezing 6 months long cold night. That idea sucks!

    So I am considering maybe moving to Norway for 6 months a year, and then enduring a few hours of daylight from time to time… Or maybe I’ll just buy very efficient opaque window blinds…


  3. Right after we got married, my husband suddenly discovered “no one told me you were a damned canary.” meaning I get up before six, put my tea on, his breakfast out, and his coffee in a thermos pot, and sing while doing it. and then get about all the rest of the work for the day before he is even awake. You can watch the sun come up, clean eveything, write. And irritate every night person out there with your superiority while doing it. Just don’t wake up or call up anyone who’s not a canary. (ps: all you darth vaders out there: don’t bug a canary after ten thirty at night.)


  4. Hmm, let’s see… People talking to me or people sleeping? Night wins.
    Loud noises or the quiet? Night wins.
    Working a job or watching Netflix? Night wins.
    Happiness or bitterness? Night wins.
    Oily haired salesmen or burning midnight oil? Night wins. Anything involving burning always wins.

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  5. Curse you for reminding me that I should be asking myself whether I accomplished anything in 2015! Oh well, if not you, somebody else would have. I just erased all the bitter thoughts I was sharing about the Dark Knight, because it was just too many words and perhaps beyond the scope of your post. I never even got to my bitter thoughts on Superman. I say let them duke it out between themselves, I shall not take sides!


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