Some Last minute Friday Gif Ideas


I feel you, last minute procrastinator shoppers.  I’m out shopping for my last minute gifs RIGHT NOW.  For some reason all the stores seem to be closed, but I’m bound and determined…just kidding, I’m just wandering around out here. Where is everyone by the way? How is it that I’m am supposed to get someone a gif for Christmas when all the stores are closed today? I thought these businesses wanted my, uh business.  And by MY business, I don’t mean MY business, but the Bitter Benjamin’s I have that are burning a hole in my pockets.  These suckers don’t know that I don’t carry cash, but for some reason they seem okay with exchanging products for this little plasticy thing I have that says American Express.  Are they blind? That isn’t money.  But I peel out of there before they have a chance to change their minds.   By the way fellow procrastinators, do you have your turkey for Thanksgiving dinner yet?

In the meantime, here are some last minute gifs you can get your loved ones.

Your shopping trip… going a little slow.

…might start a little slow.

Because there are a lot of…

...pushy people.

…pushy people out there.

But just make sure to… hang on.

…hang in there…

And make sure you…

Don't flip out.

…don’t flip out.

Cause there are a lot of gifs you can get them. Like tickets…


…to an extreme sport…

Or you can get them…


…a portrait of themselves…

Or you can make someone…


…a nice dessert….

Or take their car…


…and get it cleaned…

If those don’t work… might have to bring out the big guns.

…you might have to bring out the big guns.

Take them…

...on a trip..

…on a trip…

Or On an…


…exotic camel roller coaster ride..

Or even…

...a trip to the moon.

…a trip to the moon.

Whatever you do, make sure you aren’t late.  It would be really embarrassing and unacceptable to not have anything for your beloved friends and enemies under the tree on Christmas morning.  OH WAIT…I gotta go before the kids are done opening presents this morning.  Uggghhhh

Bitter Procrastinator Ben

18 thoughts on “Some Last minute Friday Gif Ideas

  1. That cake gif always gets me. I don’t think I know of anything more evil that giving someone a cake that’s actually a balloon because balloons are the worst. MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS!


  2. I’m very guilty of the late Christmas shopping thing. I got gifts this morning too.

    I’m happy it happened, my kids are delighted. I’m even happier that it’s over. I can go back to denying adulthood it’s claim over me. I refuse to adult this weekend.


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