Scaredy Cat Bitter Friday Giftures


For some reason, around this time of year, fears seem to pop up as an issue.  People seems to want to talk about their fear of spiders or ghosts or the dark or cholesterol or the way too upbeatness of SpongeBob.  Maybe it’s because Halloween brings the spookiness out of people, or this time of year is way too busy with parties that bring out the inner rage of introverts, that just want to lay on the couch and watch TV instead of going to yet another Halloween party and have talk yet even more words.  Since it is so close to Halloween, we will finally address some of those fears in our weekly Bitter Friday Giftures.

First we should probably talk about the fact that humans have many fears…

Apparently ducks don't

…but ducks don’t seem to have any.

So what are some fears that we have? Some people have the..


…fear of succeeding. 

Some people have a…


…fear of flying.

While others have a…


…fear of falling.


There are those like me that have a fear…


…of loss…of their food…

While others…


…cower in fear of the things that food comes in.

Some may have a…

...have a fear of heights.

…fear of heights….

While others have a…


…fear of being way too low. 

Some have a…


…fear of deep water…

While others..


…fear the water that isn’t deep enough.  

Some people are…


…scaredy dogs…

While others…


…are scaredy cats. 

Have a Bitter Halloween, don’t stay safe, always accept apples with razor blades, and make sure you do your best to avoid any parties, people and pumpkins.


Bitter Hallowed Eve Eve Ben















38 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat Bitter Friday Giftures

    • Nope, just another in the long line of people who love to laugh at other’s misfortunes. They did it all the way back in the cave days and even in the Bob Saget days of the early nineties. I’m just glad people still fall these days just like they did back then.

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        • Let’s just say if it happened to me, I would hope someone was filming so I could include it on my blog. My son was riding his bike and fell and I had it on my phone. He kept getting mad at me that I was going to show it and unfortunately for me, it got erased, but I was that close to putting it on Youtube and getting famous for it. I’m the worst dad sometimes.

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        • Lol – and, of course, surviving it without terrible consequences makes it even funnier! I have certainly been in the same place as a mom with my son. He’d get so mad at me, increasing the hilarity, of course, but also, trying to walk that tightrope of wanting to be sensitive; and not helping guffawing…


        • I just figure life is hard and isn’t fair, so teach them young. You might end up as a viral video forever, but think about how many people you will meet right? And, hey you fell down on your bike, but you got right back up right?

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  1. I can’t help but think that that dog following the other, but failing to clear the bush is a metaphor for a lot of people in this world. What that metaphor means, now that’s up for discussion. Great images. Love your humor.


  2. I LOVE YOUR STUFF BEN!!! You are not just a good writer – but where do you find all those fantastic mini-clip videos – this one was soooo go I have shared it with everyone!! Keep up the great fun/funny stuff – oh, and thanx for my morning giggle (ok – busted out belly laugh)!!


    • Finally someone understands the mad genius behind the bitterness! I do the gifs every Friday, so if you love those come back every Friday. And thanks for sharing. If you want to share with all your bloggy friends, just reblog it!


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