Today’s Forecast: Bitter Winds

I have a job at a company. They have certain expectations of me. Like for instance, they expect me to be there every weekday. I'm supposed to look like I'm doing things most of the time. And since they pay me, they expect a certain consistent output that makes them money. When I start not … Continue reading Today’s Forecast: Bitter Winds

Bitter Transition Gifture Friday

This week we made the transition from summer to fall.  On the calendar maybe.  In my mind summer was over looong ago.  For some reason the sun and the moon seem to think they are in charge of the changing of the seasons, but they have been overtaken.  You know who makes the decisions on … Continue reading Bitter Transition Gifture Friday

Bitter Picture of the Week – Darkness

The Dark Cloud of Doom or as we call it in Seattle not August, starts for most people around October and could last until late March/early April (except for the aforementioned Seattleites). This Doom Cloud is made worse as the days creep closer to December 21st or so, which is the beginning of winter/winter equinox which … Continue reading Bitter Picture of the Week – Darkness