Finishing Weak Friday Giftures

You know how They say, “It’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish.” Well, I’m not sure who They is, but if that is the case, I’m in big trouble.  I am a classic strong starter. I’m constantly coming up with ideas, consistently bad ideas, and getting super excited about how I will change the world with them.  Then, someone writes something bitter on Twitter, a YouTube video magically appears on my screen and all momentum is lost.  My Epic ideas then become lost in the Grand Canyon between become the right side of my brain and the left behind(not my behind).  This week was a classic Bitter Ben week.  Monday started strong with one idea and I thought as soon as I got that going, the dominos would start to fall.





So I decided to go check that mail…


…and that was something I couldn’t face.


Went to get some refreshments…

...and that didn't work out.

…realized I have a drinking problem.


After that unsuccessful start…


…jumped right into work and got seven years of bad luck. 


Got behind…

...and stayed behind.

…tried to catch up…and still ended up behind.


Got a little momentum, but then realized…


…having good momentum isn’t always a great thing.


And even when you think you’re safe…'re out.

…you’re out.


Got caught up… 


…in the cow race….


Tried a few experiments…


…that went tragically downhill.



...really missed the mark.

…really missed the mark.

And then when I saw it….


…I knew…

This week…


...was a total disaster.

…was a total disaster.

So here we are yet again at the bitter end…of a post and I still don’t bitterly know how to end this disaster of a post.  So just go forth and make bitterness happen this weekend.


Bitter Finish Ben








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