Weekend Bitter Dump


This is where I store my excess bitterness. With Oscar the Garbage Man.

There is so much bitterness hiding deep within me (my brain mostly), that my brain is running out of storage space.  I’m not sure how many gigs mine holds in comparison to other people, but I’m sure it is way less. Because of this, I might need to see about getting a brain upgrade soon, just to house all the bitterness. Unfortunately, I can’t afford an upgrade. So just like when you run out of space on your computer, you start putting stuff on a thumb drive or the cloud.  Me, I put them on my blog cloud.  The benefits, I make more space for additional bitterness.  And I get to annoy more people.

So welcome to my brain garbage heap.

1. I finally saw the Avengers this weekend and I have to say, they did okay with the bitterness, but then they had to end on something good happening.  It was so close to be a classic.

2. We attended a church party where the food was supposed to be Mexican. Unfortunately, there was no cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, avocado, or meat. They even had corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas to complete the bitterness.


The tortilla was the food.

3. We have Kale chips in our house.  Trust me, those will never touch these lips, but they are in the vicinity and that is making me a little queasy.

4. There was occasional sun out this weekend. That made for a possibility that the kids might want to leave the house. Thank goodness my can’t even attitude made them want to not even.

5. I thought about work once this weekend. It was overcome, but just the virus infected a full 3 seconds of my precious lazy time.

6. My phone made got close to 15% power and no charger within 5 minutes, so there was some drama about if I would be left without my favorite time-wasting, people-avoiding device.

Didn't happen enough.

Didn’t happen enough.

7. I only got to take 4 naps and one of them was less than two hours, so I’m beat.

8. I realized Thanksgiving is six months away and the suspense is killing me.  Will I get tryptophan by noon or not?

9. I would be really bitter about all the traffic and construction going on out there if I actually went outside. But I’m still bitter about it.

10. My voice really hurts from those two full, run on sentences, and those times I used the ellipses.  My bad grammar had a good time torturing my voice.

A few bitter blog note you need to know about.  You have a few more weeks to be brave and offer to guest post for me while I take a bittercation in June (a reunion with some weirdos I grew up with and their families), so everyone form a chaosed que.


Bitter Garbage Dump Ben

47 thoughts on “Weekend Bitter Dump

  1. Ha! You might appreciate the 50shades of gray crap movie, then. I rolled my eyes the whole time but it ended on quite a bitter note and though I’m not usually bitter when it comes to most of life.. I am when it comes to “romance” movies/books/stories. So when reality is shown and it ends confusing and nothing like a fairytale, I am pleasantly happy about it. Like the growing smile on the grinch😏.


    • I would probably find much to be bitter about if I ever saw it. Because I’ve heard so many good things about it….
      I do love the bitter smile that Grinch does. Reminds me of when I hatch a plan for revenge.


  2. If watched Grey’s Anatomy, you could also be bitter about Dr. Derek Shepherd dying. WTF? I hate it when the best characters die.

    Of course, you may be happy about that, because the overall bitterness in the show has increased. Maybe that’s bittersweet for you.

    Cheers, my bitter friend!



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