Glutton for Punishment Giftures

Every afternoon, I leave my crazy job for a little bit and go to the break room.  I grab my smart phone and turn on the big screen TV and I watch that game show called Let’s Make a Deal.  You know, the one where people dress up like deranged lunatics on Halloween so they get a minor chance to get a minor prize. Winning a prize like a car is about the same chance as winning the lottery, but with the additional burden of having to pay tax on the car.  Obviously, I prefer when people get Zonks, the life equivalent of getting to stay in a nice hotel, only to be kicked out in the middle of the night.  Somehow, despite the fact that I enjoy seeing people get too greedy and then lose it all on a Zonk, there is constant screaming on this show.  Any time somebody mentions money, or car or who’s my next contestant, the crowd goes into a frenzy like they inherited Bill Gates massive fortune and they will be swimming in his money vault right now.  I know that in order to make it on the show they are told they have to act that way, but I can’t stand screaming people.  And yet, here I am, everyday watching this crap.  I must be a glutton for punishment.  Today, I think we should view some other bitter people like me that are gluttons for punishment. (By the way, this post is dedicated to Jamie of FitsofWit. She thinks every week, I put gifs on here that don’t show the conclusion.  Here you Jamie.  All of them show the disaster happening. And I’m not talking about this blog disaster.)


This guy wanted to video bomb so bad…


…that he hit the wall. 


According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar this is the year of the sheep…


…not the Ram.  


This guy is starting his Mardi Gras off in style…


…and on fire. 


This guy needs to make like a tree…


…and get out of here.


This guy is taking a crash course…


…in Karma. 



This guy is just…


…a pain in the glass. 


This girl has a…


…pretty explosive fastball.


This is what happens when you…


…party like a Hulk star.


Guess after this stunt…


…he got fired.



This is why…


…I don’t exercise. 


This one is a…




This is why…


…I have avoidance issues.

Speaking of being a glutton for punishment, a fellow blogger of ours, Samantha over at Flowers and Wanderlust wanted to interview me for some reason, and did.  If you want to support her in her glutton for punishmentness, you can go over to her blog and check it out, and if you are a glutton for punishment and want to read about what I am like in real life, check out her interview with me.  I apologize for this in advance.  Not really.  Now get out here and go get gluttonous for punishment this weekend.


Bitter Glutton Ben

83 thoughts on “Glutton for Punishment Giftures

  1. Ah, this post is the best.
    Your interview was a lot of fun.
    Thanks again for doing it and I’m glad I know these things now.
    Instead of being just another blogger, you have a face, a name, and a friend! Thank you for mentioning it, also.

    And here’s to future bitterness! Aye!


  2. Eight things……….real quick:
    #1: I need to know if it’s the old school Let’s Make A Deal – or the new one …
    #2: I have fallen over in the middle of a dance party – I wish someone made a GIF out of it for later reference.
    #4: I wish I had the blond girls chest – non-lesbiany speaking.
    #5: That ram… had good intentions & later still looked pretty badass.
    #6: Attending Mardi Gras is on my bucket list & I hope I see someone playing with fire.
    #7: I know know my next party theme : 80’s Hulk.
    #8: I love watching people bif it on treadmills.

    All of the above are true.

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    • #1 Yes, the new one with Wayne Brady. I like him and the show and the Zonks, but the people and the screaming, ugggh.
      #2 I wish you would have too. I would have featured it on my blog and you would have been famous for falling.
      #4 I wish I had the figure of the guy that falls behind him. I didn’t see that he had a gut, so…
      #5 The ram wasn’t taking crap from anyone, and he gives me and the rest of the Aries a good name. I wish I had his tenaciousness.
      #6 I hope you do go to Mardi Gras some year, and I hope you get a bunch of gifs that will make you famous.
      #7 I hope I get an invitation to your 80’s Hulk Party, and I will be inviting you to our Napoleon Dynamite party.
      #8 People falling in any capacity is awesome to watch.

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  3. Is it weird that all I could think of to start for the last one was, that damned person walking on the street made the car swerve and brake, thus losing control and smashing the pole. GAWD….I would be SOOOO bitter if I was the driver!


    • Thanks. I think Samantha was really good at figuring out the right questions and conducting a really good interview. Props to her for making me interesting at all.
      Yeah, that girl in the gif should be thanking her lucky stars she didn’t go flying.

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    • Yep, JG. Don’t be jealous that people find my blog fascinating and me worthy of an interview. Actually, she was looking for common people just like me and finding a way to make them interesting. It’s what her blog does, so you know, your interesting life wouldn’t be of interest to her probably.

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  4. HEY, BEN! How’s it goin’? Love the gif’s this week – especially the one on the treadmill. Feel free to check out my post this week @ which I’m sure you’ll feel is cause to be bitter. Instead, I felt it gave me license to bitch and drink, so after I scribbled out a post upon these hallowed walls, I had 1.5 glasses of Merlot last night! 🙂 Hope all is AWESOME in your world…and I hate Let’s Make a Deal. I can’t believe you watch that! But whatever floats your bitter boat…:)


    • What up, TB! It’s been too long! I’m still blogging just as much as usual. Thanks for checking it out and I will get over to yours soon enough. Good to see you back. What have you been up to? Still entering your screenplays in contests?


      • Hey, Ben! Good to hear from you. No, I haven’t been working on any screenplays. I’ve been working on the manuscripts for 3 different books, almost finished with one. Unfortunately, I’m still getting used to working FT again after working at home for 9 years, and it’s difficult to squeeze some blogging time into my schedule these days, but I’m going to TRY to login to WP more often…:)


  5. I am SOOOOO bitter! Samantha’s blog is one of those that flags our office IT alert system and unless I want Big Brother watching everything I do online I can’t go there. Of course they probably already ARE watching everything, but so far no one’s said anything.

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    • How is it that mine makes it through, but poor Samantha’s doesn’t go through. What is wrong with your IT department? Anyways, it is well worth the look, so if you can read it after work, check it out. Samantha is a great interviewer.

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      • Actually…yours doesn’t either. But if I click on the post title in my Reader it will open in a “sub” window (?) and I can read it there and even comment. But since I don’t follow Samantha I can’t open her posts that way. But I’ll check it out on the train on the way home. Smart Phone to the rescue!

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        • Oh, the old sub-window thing. I wonder if they did that so you could read posts that way at work. Anyways, yeah the smart phones saves the day, but they don’t always show my gifs. But who cares, you’re there for the interview!

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  6. Funny stuff and a great interview. I’m glad I have that perspective against your writing here. When you can create a persona that is different in many ways from who you are, you know you’re a good writer. Enjoyed it very much and will look up the blogs you suggested reading. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nope, I’m the failure for not making them work on your phone. I’m calling Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile and AT&T right now and telling them to get the network working pronto! And also I’m gonna demand you get more data for free every month. Unacceptable!


  7. Is Chuck Norris standing on that cat’s tail? The experiment gif shows us that fire travels super fast. Faster than the stupid lightrail that makes a clattering bitter noise in the wee hours of the night, using fuel to transfer all one person to his destination.


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