Writing Activity p. 25 blog summary

This blogger found and disected the Ben’s Bitter Blog for their class. Take a look to see what happened when they put bitterness in a blender and saw what came out.

My Class Blog

Ben’s Bitter Blog

Before this class I never blogged or ever cared, that is until I stumbled upon a Ben’s Bitter Blog. The title caught my attention being different from the typical dull blogger. Reading into his posts I soon followed. The blog while being bitter in a sense, is intentional to make people laugh. Each post is bound to make the reader chuckle in some way.


Take a moment and read into a few posts if you’d like, maybe even follow it if it’s your style of humor. The key when reading is understanding sarcasm. For example…

“I hear Halloween is coming up.  Not sure how since Halloween stores have only been open since early August, and Halloween themed candy has only been on sale since July.  I love how the holidays recently have taken a step back to give us a little relief to do other things like mock the…

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