Hitting a Wall Friday Giftures

You know how when you get to Friday and you’ve just given everything you can and you just can’t give anymore? Well, I usually feel like that by Monday, so you can imagine how little I care by today.  Sometimes you’ve just got to suck it up and be bitterly done on Friday and slump over in your chair.  It’s not like anyone will notice you aren’t working when your chair is empty most of the day. Maybe they will just think you went to the bathroom or you took an early lunch at 7 am for 8 hours.  Maybe they will assume you were just getting a drink when they notice that your computer never turned on at all today. Instead of working today, just go ahead and look at these giftures.  You could just claim that you were waiting for the gifs to finish, then you will get back to work.


Do you mind just getting out of the way…


...and I just don't care anymore.

…and I just don’t care anymore.


I’m gonna flip the crap out of this flip…

I'm totally g

…never mind. I’m just gonna lay here for a while.



I’ve been waiting all day…

punching package

…to get my Hawaiian Punch in the mail.


I’m gonna just make a jump over here…


…never mind. I’m just gonna lie here in this garbage can.



Hey dog, did you hear the funny story about your mom…


…she was kind of a dog.



I can’t do it.  No more work…

...no more science.

…no more science.


If there is any more Friday happiness around here…


…I’m gonna have Chuck Norris kick it in the face.



I know…


…I deserved that.


I hate to burst your balloon…


…but the snake doesn’t mind.


 I’m just gonna lay here for a while and…





I’ll just take a nice little micro nap…


…while I gaaahkkk!



The best way to scare someone…



…is to shake your fists of frustration.


 Just make sure that when you hit the wall…

...you don't go through it.

…you don’t go through it.


Have a bitter Friday and make sure to not pace yourself and burn out quickly.  Because enduring is just as much of a pain.  And make sure to always hit a wall, because the wall will never hit back, and will always win.


Bitter Wall Hitting Ben












41 thoughts on “Hitting a Wall Friday Giftures

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  2. That was so inspiring I was forced to take a bitter nap halfway through. Thanks. I know I can always count on you for a bitter little hematoma square in the middle of my forehead. Still, I’m pretty sure Morpheus fared worse hitting that dumpster. I’m counting my bitter blessings.


  3. I feel the same way about science; just back up the truck and get away from the test tubes. I was also pleased to see Chuck Norris kicking the #$% out of Glee. There is no time to be gleeful when bums need kicking.


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