In case you missed it…because you were busy celebrating Independence Day by being with you Framily

Because you were busy getting your knees wrecked.

Because you were being sooo independent.

Most of you, myself included, probably wanted to spend your whole weekend alone, playing video games, watching Netflix and trolling people on the internet worldwide.  My guess is that you, just like me, had to spend time with either your family or your friends because “it’s the holiday weekend” and “holidays are for getting together with people” to celebrate our “independence”.  Do people not know what independence means? It means to not depend on other people! The founding fighters of our country came here so the British would just leave us alone. So, now we celebrate it by being with people that bother us? We should be celebrating just like the founding fathers and telling others to leave us alone.

This last week I was doing my best to alienate others by doing posts that made them bitter such as the Explosively Bitter Giftures, which showed the best way to blow things up, and not your instagram feed.  Just in plain old Fireworky ways.

Then there was a bad display of taking care of the environment, things that I do almost every that ruin it.  What is even worse is how badly I take care of my own bitter ecosystem.  Find out more in the My Bitter Ecosystem post.

I did some bitter twitter:

There were some comments:

On Explosively Bitter Giftures:

“This post is so punny, it blew my mind.

Ha. Haha.

I hope you have a bitter 4th, Ben!” – Kaela Moore

“I’ve accidentally set my house on fire 4 times. YAY EXPLOSIONS!!!” Christina Cassidy

“I feel safe in the USA today because of Pac Norris.” – Kerbey

On Bitter Ecosystems:

“Your ecocentricity makes me bitter, man… ” – Mother Hen Diaries

“Ecosarcastic….love it. Visiting the cold shoulder is probably my favorite. 😉 And driving all the time because no one else can do it bitter!” –mamaflybox

And then for you Bitter Eyeballs, several Independent Gifs:

Show your independence by taking a bike ride.

Take a nice explosive bike ride.

Take a ride on the explosive side.


Take in a World Cup game:

Look at Ames on Argentina! He's on fire!

Look at Ames on Argentina! He’s on fire!


Or just play a game of catch with your friends.

an apocolyptic game.

…an apocolyptic game.


Now go be bitter about your Sunday being over and your Monday looking at you creepily in the corner.


Bitter Induhpendent Ben




26 thoughts on “In case you missed it…because you were busy celebrating Independence Day by being with you Framily

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  2. Bitter boy –
    My Mac is out of its foul mood and I can leave a comment here on your actual post which I absolutely love – “independence together” fantastic!…
    Have a bitterly beautiful week!
    AnnMarie 😉


  3. As you may know, my family is holiday-free. (Don’t let your jealousy make you bitter!) But I did shop, eat too much and sleep late with weird dreams. That was kind of cool. Except for the weirdness. I celebrated being independent of holidays. Woohoo! Go me!!!!


    • So they dont’ have holidays out there. The only good thing about holidays is that you don’t have to work. I would like to be independant from work so I didn’t have to be there all the time.


  4. Holy Crap! I never thought of it that way, but you are totally right! Independence = freedom from the rules of other people, so why do we get together with other people…and follow their barbecue rules?


    • Most people don’t think like me, but most people like having actual friends to interact with. I prefer the whole part of being left alone so I think about things that don’t make sense.


  5. I know you weren’t (entirely) serious with that first paragraph. I’m trying to figure out if it’s funny that I agreed with pretty much all of it (especially the second half), or if it’s just bad. I’m not sure…


  6. Your title makes me bitter: being with you Framily. Is Sprint paying you to advertise their Friends and Family Plan? Did you sell out? How did they find you in the northwest?


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