The Mountainous Barriers of Friday Giftures

Many claim that the mountains are majestic, and beautiful and good for skiing and fun to climb.  As a member of the “Growing up in the Midwest without My Permission” Club, I happen to think that they are just in my way.  If I want to drive through them, I have to fight all kinds of gravity to overcome them.  If I want go under them, I have to use my industrial sized drill to mine an underground cave.  If I want to go around them, I have to go all the way to Canada somewhere, or down to somewhere in Mexico.  Because I don’t like wasting time (yes I do), mountains make me bitter for getting in my way.

You know what else gets in my way? These things.






yeah trees are always getting in my way.

yep, trees are always getting in my way.




Waves.  Always getting in the way-ve.

…always getting in the way-ve.




..always a barrier to comfort.





…not only a barrier for ceilings but for getting a drink.


Always getting in the way…


..rival marching gangs.

..rival marching gangs.


Always getting in the way…



…other people.


Always getting in the way….



…the overpowered air conditioning.


The mighty obstacles…




…of the raging rivers.


The unstoppable force….

...the slippery floors.

…of slippery floors.


The immovable object...

...of sleep.

…of sleep.



...the barrier of love.

…the Great Barrier Reef of love.


Let’s tear down these walls of Oppression…


of the

…never mind, they are just dominoes.


On this Bitter Friday, let’s just push through all these annoying obstacles, because they are getting in the way of us being lazy and that really makes me bitter.


Bitter Mountain Man Ben

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