Attack of the Friday Giftures

Yeahh, no.

Yeahh, no.

Usually by Friday, I have taken all I can take.  So when I get to work I walk in like a gangster, not taking it any more.  I sit aggressively in my cubicle typing things on the keyboard way harder than I normally do.  I scowl at people that walk by way more angrily and answear answer the phone with way more force.  It is time to get aggressive and attack, yo.  So today I’m going to be aggressive and attack the Friday Giftures. Got it! We’re doing this whether you like it or not!




The Hills aren’t alive…

...with the Sound of Music.

…with the Sound of Music.



April Fools joke…


Some office pranks

…on the new guy.


Buy movie tickets…



you gotta take what you get

gangster style.



Pretend to root for someone …

root for someone.



Pretend to hug someone…

an old friend

before you eat them.


Clean the floor...

okay maybe not this

…of all the critters.




…get a pumpkin like glow.


Shoot down you enemies…


…and your cow-workers.


Prank your kids…


…early and often.


Throw your boomerang…

…really hard against the wall.


I’d like to say you should finish this day strong, but I’m too tired.  So I going to sleepwalk through this day, get some pizza and leave early, cause I’m going on a bittercation.  Later suckers!


Bitter Aggressive Friday Ben





90 thoughts on “Attack of the Friday Giftures

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  2. Every Friday I think, how is Ben going to pull of getting more Friday GIFs? I wait for your inevitable google GIF-image-search failure and every friday you find more! You are a wizard. That is all, keep them coming.


  3. Ben,

    These are awesome! Did Julie Andrews really shoot people up in that sappy movie? Love that. And my other favorite is the Street Logic one. I’m going to try that on a day I’m feeling bold and have lots of time. Have a great weekend. Pray for more snow. We need it.


  4. I admit it; I’m aroused by #87. That’s a new trick I’ve never seen. He has the power of Greystoke in his groin. He may not die “extremely hot” like UberTan Barbie (her dad needs to re-establish contact with her and address abandonment issues), but he will die being awesome.


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