Bitter Pic of the week

I prefer to have everything asked of me all at once, so that there is no stress.

I prefer to have everything asked of me all at once, so that there is no stress.

I love the end of the month, because it is a way where we can all come together and assign tasks to each that we have been procrastinating for the whole month.  I think it brings us father apart as friends and family and co-workers.  I like to think of the last day of the month, as a house building project.

The end of the month is the part where the electrical people leave the wires sticking out, the basement crew leave a faucet running that starts a flood, the heating duct people turn the heat all the way up, and window people break the glass in the windows.  The heat starts a fire, the water connects with the electrical wires, there is glass all over the ground, and the house burns to the ground and everyone in the house comes out of the house, burnt, electrocuted, bloody and glass shards stuck in their skin.

Then, the next day, the first of the month we regroup and build the house again.  Bitterly.

Bitter Ben

22 thoughts on “Bitter Pic of the week

  1. I’m a terrible procrastinator. And the end of the month is when the phone company starts sending me texts warning me that is there isn’t enough money in my account, they will shut off my phone service. Thanks at&t. I couldn’t remember that without your pleasant reminders.


  2. For my daughter, the first of the month means she will no longer hear the unpleasant message from Pandora that she is at her monthly limit for free listening and would she please beg her mom to pay the $3.99 for listen for the rest of the month. Why can’t these darn kids just listen to the darn radio like we did!


  3. I am always bitter towards the end of the month because I am waiting on co-workers to give me what I need to do my job. Today I am also quite bitter about the weather, as it is May 2nd, and it is freakin’ snowing in Kansas!! It should be around 80!!


  4. Gar…quit making me laugh. I’m still bitter about the May Day riots in Seattle today. And it’s only the 1st…I’m going to throw a brick through my window just so I don’t feel ignored.


  5. Bahahaha – that’s some of the truest shit that’s ever Ben spoken. PAINfully true. Your blog makes my heart happy, and sad, at the same time. How do you DO that?


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