Passive Aggressive and Bitter Picture of the Week

She is a passive aggressive just waiting to happen.

Call her FPAABG (Future Passive Aggressive and Bitter Girl)

Millions of people suffer from the affliction known as passive aggressiveness.  If you don’t know what this means, consider how you would react to a situation like the one above.  If you would go ape nuts on the guy above and attack him, you aren’t passive aggressive.  If you would smile, walk away and plot your revenge by writing a nasty letter to his parents, you are passive aggressive.  Being a person that has never been in a fight (well, one that was done face to face anyways), and one that doesn’t like confrontation, I have always been a passive aggressive person.  An example:

I got to work one day and my coaster was missing (some call it a mousepad, but whatever).  I was irritated and bitter of course, so I did some really genius investigating.  I walked over to someone’s desk and realized that they had my mouse pad.  I remembered the day before that she was asking about getting one to my boss.  Putting two and two together like the genius that I am, I realized the coupe had been done behind my back.  Most people would have confronted the boss and just asked if they had taken the mouse pad.  This is how I handled it.  I complained to a sympathetic co-worker.  Then, I sent an email saying, “Could I order a new mousepad?  I think I lost mine.”  Immediate response.  “I actually took it for our new co-worker. You can have mine and I will order a new one.”  Coaster found.

I’m sure it would be much more fun to confront that person head and get the satisfaction and results that way, but to a PA, nothing is more cool than doing things the subtle, bitter, snarky, spy-like way.  We are the James Bond of confrontation(the sneaky part, not the blowing things up part.)

So for the picture of the week, I present to you Future Passive Aggressive and Bitter Girl.


Present Passive Aggressive Bitter Ben


74 thoughts on “Passive Aggressive and Bitter Picture of the Week

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  3. I think you handled that quite well to be honest. You get what you need and no hot shot gets pissed off and starts spouting guido nonsense.

    I don’t think you wanna come at a bro, and I don’t think you want to get cut by Bon Qui Qui either.

    These situations are precarious.


  4. I oscillate between the two. At work sometimes I’ll be in your face about it and other times passive aggressive (especially in emails). Switch it up I say, keep them guessing. Haha


    • How dare you give me a Sunshine award! It is melting away my bitterness…..Just kidding, that will never happen. Thanks for the award. Look for it on my award page where I will praise your blog and undermine my own.


  5. LOL. Not PA here, but enjoyed reading bensbitterblog.You are a bitt-of-a lunatic. I mean that in a good way! If I didn’t thank you for the like on my blog…..Thank you.


  6. My housemate is PA. I needed MANY years to understand whats going on. Than a few more years to find a reamedy! 🙂 I admitt PA is veeery effectiv until the point it comes back. Sometimes it gets an automatism, than the “PA owner” starts to suffer his habbit …. take good care on you* ……*evil grin*


  7. In a work environment, I think PA is rewarded and desired versus balls to the walls real man behavior.

    Unless your work environment is on the Dothraki sea, in which case you should have thrown your weapons down and smothered them with their own mouse pad.

    Or something.


  8. I always take the passive aggressive route. When I’m not being sassy about it, that is. I fact, the desk calendar I have at work? Passive aggressive notes. Look it up, you’ll love it.


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