Guest Post Bitterness

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Guest Poster, Bitter Ben.  Hey stop booing!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Guest Poster, Bitter Ben. Hey stop booing!

It has been my dream to be a guest host on the Jay Leno hosted Tonight Show so that the audience has something to laugh about.  Not that I am funny at all, but because Jay Leno is not.  If I did just one funny thing, it would be way funnier than Jay Leno has ever been.  I think since he was born, he has made one person laugh(his mom).  However, it was only because he got baby food on his face.  Other than that…

Alas my dream hasn’t been realized and for that I am very bitter.  However, a nice blogger named Ashley invited people to guest post on her blog Chaos and Words .  I applied for the guest post position and gave it my best, and she accepted it!  She probably accepts everyone, but don’t ruin my moment.  I took me like an hour to do it!  Stealing pictures from the internet isn’t as easy as it looks! Plus I had to write words.  In a sentence form and that is also hard.  So it is with great bitterness that I present my first guest post.  Please give Ashley’s blog some love for taking such bitter content and making it look so lovely.   You may read my post by clicking on the link right here.


Bitter Ben


2 thoughts on “Guest Post Bitterness

    • It’s always better to nominate yourself because you can count on that person as opposed to other weirdo’s who you don’t know anything about. So thanks for congratulating me on something that I congratulated myself on.


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