Friday the 13th Bitterness


Friday the 13th makes me so bitter!  First of all, why does it have to have to always occur on Friday?  I mean would Saturday be a better day for it?  And second if it is so special why don’t we get the day off?  We should be able to stay home and hide in our underground shelters if it so bad. 

So here is a scenario for you.  So let’s say you go camping with three of your buddies and it is dark out.  You and your buddies start hearing loud noises outside, so you all reach for your guns and decide to go out hunting for whatever is making this noise, because you are experienced at this type of hunting.  It may be a beast from underground or it might be some yellow monster.  Then some freak accident happens where three of you are turned into ghosts but the fourth could hear the rest.  So the 3 others that are now ghosts are talking to the one alive telling him that if he hits a button, the whole scenario could be restarted, but this time the three wouldn’t become ghosts.  So the decision for the lone one, let’s call him Marko, is either to go alone and try to do it himself and try to slay the beast or to push the magic button and get help from his friends.  Let’s say Marko weighs his decision and decides to go on without his freinds because if he defeats the beast by himself he would get a fancy award, like maybe the MVP or Best Slayer for this day.  I think if I were one of the ghosts that would make me very bitter.  

So, Friday the 13th makes me bitter because you shouldn’t get slain alone.  You should go out with your friends and defeat the monster or get slain together.  Let the awards and accolades fall where they may.  

May you have a bitter Friday the 13th.

Bitter Ben

6 thoughts on “Friday the 13th Bitterness

  1. I think that would be a mondo mistake for that person to have not reset the game and let you guys respawn. I mean let’s face it what kind of guy goes off half cocked thinking they can take on an entire game themself. I’d be pretty bitter too. In fact if I were you, I’d be screaming at that guy to quit screwing around and start covering his teammates. He’s probably the type of guy who uses a sniper rifle to take on a mass attack of zombies. I mean really how affective is that going to be. So you have to waste your time giving him your rifle, showing him how to use it…just to get through the level…man sounds like you had a bitter time last night…at least we know who the real MVP is.


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