The bitter future

The future makes me so bitter.  I was recently emailed a picture of the time machine display from Back to the Future where it showed the date of the future as right now.  Thinking it odd that it was so soon, I checked it out and it was an internet hoax.  However, it is coming in a few short years. 

So why does this make me bitter? In Back to the Future it shows that we are supposed to have flying cars, as it does in The Fifth Element and just about every other futuristic movie.  So I am wondering, when am I going to get my flying car?  Same with the skateboard.  Where is my floating skateboard?  Not that I would ever use one, because I would just use my home transporter to get everywhere because I’m lazy, but still where is this stuff?  Are you telling me that the eventer’s of our day haven’t caught up with this future vision?  I mean we have given them almost 30 years!  If someone can invent the internet or a car wash for kids, don’t you think there is some genius out there who could almost invent stuff that can float? It’s time to defeat gravity by now inventor people! 

And why is the future only set in large industrial, looking cities?  Doesn’t anyone just live in a small town?  Couldn’t they just invent something that allowed them to live in a place that was so overcrowded like a city?  And did someone in the future blot out the sun or something?  It seems like somehow every future movie has no sun.  So, the sun has outlived the earth for billions of years, but somehow we destroyed it and our future technology enables us to live without light and heat?  Sounds like some great technology.     

The future also makes me so bitter because time travel is so confusing.  So let’s say we are somehow allowed to do it.  We can go back to the past.  So are we going to be given pictures to let us know if going back and talking to someone is altering our other timeline?  Why can’t there be two mes and why wouldn’t we be able to meet?  So we’re told there is a whole time space continuum that we need to be careful of?  So we can’t talk to other people and alter their futures but we’re not allowed to change our own? Seems to complicated and confusing. 

The biggest bitterness I have is that the future just never seems to come.  Everytime I get there, it becomes the present.  It just seems like the future is just a carrot that teases us and let’s us think that it is coming and never does.  Reminds me of some people I know, but that’s a bitter blog for another day.  

To sum up, Future stop telling us about things that we can never have.  It’s rude and annoying. If you talk about it in a movie you better deliver on the day and date you told us.  Future, let us think we can live in a rural area or small town.  Not all of us like the city.  Also, can we keep our sun?   We need it for at least three things.  Light, heat and Superman’s powers.  Stop being so confusing.  Just let us have one timeline.  And stop telling us you will show up and don’t.  If you’re really never going to make it, a simple call or email would suffice.  Then we could set the place for present or past.    

So future, please stop making me so bitter.  I don’t want to have to post about you again.


Bitter Ben


3 thoughts on “The bitter future

  1. You’ve really done it now. If there’s no future, how can we be bitter about it. Now I’m bitter about you, Bitter Ben, because you’ve ruined for me. I can no longer be bitter about the future if it’s not there to be bitter about.,


  2. Amen Mister Bitter Man! Marty McFly said we were s’posed to have flyin’ cars and hover boards by now, but I don’t see none o’ that whizzin’ by my windows these days, do you? No, sir! I still don’t know if I like the picture or not. On the one hand, ain’t no lawn for me to decorate up. On the other, ain’t no lawn for me to tell people to get the hell off of!

    Glad to know I ain’t the only cranky person around here! You tell ’em, Cranky Bitter Ben!


    • Cranky Old Bitty,
      Thanks for your bitter comments about the future. Let’s tell the future to get off our lawn. As you know there are a lot of things to be bitter about and that is why I blog. To let everyone know about all the bitterness in the world. Keep reading for more exciting and bitter blogs!

      Bitter Ben


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