Doing things twice Bitterness


Doing things twice makes me so bitter.  I make mistakes, lots of them.  In fact, I make them at least twice a day.  Which is why doing things twice make me so bitter.  Doing fun things twice is fine, I will concede that.  Shooting zombies, Locust, and generally bad guys in video games, leveling up and running over people, winning the Lottery more than once.  That I can handle, but doing thing that are annoying, graitating, boring, or painful, those things I don’t like doing again.

I went on a mission for two years to Ogden.  A lot of it was a great experience and one that I will never forget.  But there were a lot of unplesant things too.  The biggest of those things was leaving people I actually liked and going to somewhere that had the potential of meeting people that were not so nice.  A lot of repetetiveness to get to the gems.  And let face it, I was 19-21 years old, had no wife or kids and wasn’t really in a hurry to finish school.  So that was the right time for me.  But I still have dreams now, where I am a married man and have kids that need me and I get called on another one, without my wife, and kids and it is 2 years. Yeah that’s right two years.  I have a panic attack until I wake up and realize that it is a dream.  I just couldn’t do another two years.  Not while I have little bitterlings to take care of.

Spoiler warning for those of you who haven’t read the Hunger Games, especially the second one, Catching Fire.

Talk about bitter.  Through circumstances that she couldn’t control and maybe some that she did have something to do with, Katniss has to do the freaking Hunger Games again and again she has to do them with Peeta.  So barring the fact that they again change the rules to fit her and Peeta living, it is over for at least one of them.  Doing the Hunger Games once is bad enough, but now all the winners have to do it again.  It’s bad enough that you have to kill and avoid being killed and that people that watch in the Capitol are enjoying it all while pigging out on food while the rest of your world is starving, but then to make you do it again and next year, well yeah, I would be a little bitter.  

Work, a job.  Most adults have them, have had them or will have them.  Most people do some sort of thing to make money.  They do it for food and shelter or they do it for bigger and bitter, or they do it because they can’t imagine life without working(weirdos).  I get that I need a job, but what makes me so bitter about it is that I have to do it every single day.  If it was only once in a while, that would be cool.  Or if it were only for a few hours a day so as not to get in the way of my  priorities like video games, television and writing on blogs, then I could hack that.  Why does work make me so bitter?  Because I have to do it more than once!

Going to doctors make me bitter.  No wonder they are always so wealthy.  You would think that you could go and see them once and they could just cure all your diseases.  Or at least give you a pill that could make all your pain go away.  But for some reason they want you to see them again and again.  They must know that you need to pay a co-pay of $25 or else they might not want to see you all the time.  It just seems repetitive to treat me so many times when they should only need to do it once.  Maybe next time I will ask for a bitter pill.

Dating an ex.  Yeah that works.     

Vampires? Twilight? Ughhh.

Maybe you’ve seen a sequel that somehow was better than the first one.  A magical movie that was so good, you just couldn’t leave the world and you wanted to see more.  But for every good sequel, there is also million crappy ones that shouldn’t have been made.  You know like just about every one? And they get you every time.  As soon as you see the first one, you are clamoring for another and then you see it and your are wondering why they did the second.  It’s because you asked for it or maybe you didn’t.  But the biggest thing is that you wanted to do it twice. 

So this is last blog I will ever do about repeating things, because repeating things make me bitter.  So this is the last blog I will ever do about repeating things, because repeating things make me bitter. 


Bitter Ben

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