#2 Bitterness


Last night I was watching Cupcake Champions on TLC and as they announced the results of the winner of cupcake wars, I could help but notice the one who came in second place.  And right before they announced the winners, her quote to the camera was, “If I lose it would be a bitter dissapointment!”  It was then that I paid attention to what happened to her.  She lost, and I could help but notice the way they show the losers of the contest.  All this confetti is coming down, and the loser is doing the best they can to get the heck away from the big celebration.  And why wouldn’t they be bitter?  They worked just as hard as the winner did, maybe more so, but because of some arbitrary decoration here, or some design there they got second place.  In fact, winners will say that they had just enough to edge out their competitor in order to win.  Maybe the loser was more talented than the winner, but the winner just had a lucky bounce or a judge that didn’t like them or (heaven forbid, someone bribed a judge, referee, etc.) 

This society in general thinks of everything in terms of being number 1.  We always respect the sports teams that is number 1 at the end of the year.  NBA champions, winner of the Super Bowl, the winner of the World series, winner of cupcake wars, #1 cola, #1 Burger joint.  For some reason, no one cares or remembers number 2, or for that matter 3,4 or any other team, product or show that is close but not close enough to be considered a “winner”.  That is where the bitter blog comes in.  We are here to tell you about our bitterness and how being just short of a winner is one big reason why we are bitter.  So we dedicate this post to those of us that are “#2’s”.  So let me hear from you.  Tell me about your most bitter moments “2” moments where you were just short of number 1. 

Most bitter Spurs #2 related moment:  In 2004, they were playing our least favorite team, the Lakers, and we won the first two games at home, lost the next two in LA and we were in Game 5, and Tim Duncan shoots this miraculous shot at the end of the game, where he is falling down and shoots up a prayer and it goes in.  LA immediately takes a time out and the clock shows .4 of a second on the clock.  Now, of course this is before the refs can review the time or adjust for what they think is the time left on the clock.  Somehow, in .4 seconds of time are able to somehow throw the ball in to Derek Fisher, where he proceeds to grab the ball, turn around, and shoot the ball and it goes in.  This miraculous shot, which is called good by the refs, is so contriversial that Derek Fisher runs off the floor so as to not allow the refs to make the right call, and the rules completely change to make sure that a travesty like this never occurs.  Of course, I am bitter about the fact that this essentially ended the Spurs season, but the fact that Tim Duncan’s greatest ever playoff and for that matter probably his greatest shot ever, was one that was completely forgetten because of the Derek Fisher shot.  So bitter. 

I could go on about that one, but won’t because there are only so many words in the world to display my bitterness about that shot and of course, many others.  What I want to know is bitter moments you guys have where you were so close to glory that you already started imagining the cheers in your head and how people would feel about you if you won, but didn’t.  I know you all have some, please let’s hear it.  Then you can get it off your chest and move on about your bitterness.  Even though I never will.  Consider it a public service that I feel bitter about.

Another thing.  How about you come up with categories for the most bitter moments and we can do a Bencademy Bitter Awards for most bitter of different categories.

Here’s a few I propose:

Most bitter NBA moment:

Most bitter MLB moment:

Most bitter NFL moment:

Most bitter hockey, uh never mind, all of hockey makes me bitter.

Most bitter song:

Most bitter Movie:

Most bitter reality show moment:

Most bitter actor/actress(either they are bitter or you are bitter about them):  I nominate Julia Roberts/Angela Jolie

Most bitter website: I nominate bensbitterblog.

Most bitter 3rd place finish: Even more bitter than #2 are number threes.

These are just a few.  Let me know what you would nominate as your favorite bitter categories and fill in who you would vote for in any of the categories listed above. 

I have a feeling the bitter blog will come in second place. Aarrghh!

Bitter Ben #2


75 thoughts on “#2 Bitterness

  1. cupcake champions? you watch a lot of food tv. i am all for watching for good recipes, but i don’t like made up fake reality tv shows…drama over food..like you said all the time it takes to eat certain foods & cooking is enough drama…i am all for the bencademy awards!


  2. You were there you know my pain…sitting eating pizza…three seconds left Moore from the fifty. Tosses it to the 2 yard line where Titus Young Supermans and catches the ball against two defenders. Setting BSU up for an easy win against UNR. If they win they can make the championship because all the needed teams in the SEC had lost. But it was not meant to be…wide left….twice…a loss in over time and a crushing defeat that made boise miss the rose bowl…


  3. I refuse to confirm (or deny) that the originator of the first reply is the second most bitter. I claim that right and consign tha anonymous commentator to 3rd place. I’m bitter about being bitter about being third place as I was in the last war of the bands. Us artistic types can feel just as bitter as mindless, athletic hunks. And we bitter artist take pride in our bitterness. Just look at the painter standing proudly behind his third pllace award. Look at the sculpture crying with rapture over his honorable mention. See the ballerina ecstatic to even get onto the stage. Yet all these people harbor vast bitterness and rage toward ‘all those others’ who have beat them out in the one upmanship game. Therefore I WILL take second place and will not be denied!


  4. As I think about it, when was the last time someone remembered a strong number two finish. What do you say to the second place finisher? “Hey, that was a great second place finish. I’ve never seen anyone come in so strong at 2nd place”. The irony of even celebrating any position after first just adds insult to injury. What do you say to a second place finisher you see on the street. “Hey man, I saw you in the competition on last night, that was a great 2nd place.” “Keep up the good work” Speaking of strong second place finishes, I wonder if someone came up to Pacquio and said, “Wow, that was a great second place. I know you lost the championship belt, but what a great second place finish.”

    There should be a competitions devoid of 1st place finishes. You know, for the person who always comes in second. That way, 2nd place finishers can get there name in the headlines too.


    • Mr. DL number something or other,
      The whole reason I wrote this bitter blog was for you to comment on who you think was a bitter number two finisher and you finally got to something at the end. Please refrain from making comment that sound intelligent and try to be more bitter next time. Tell me about your second place finish in the state fair when you pig just wasn’t quite messy enough or a time when your third grade basketball team came 1 point short of winning the district regional divisional 3 place runner up game. Something like that. Just for you, I will give you a second best reply to my bitter blog. Congrats on being the second most bitter! Arrghhh

      Bitter Ben


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