Special Edition Spurs Bitterness

As you may know, I am a Spurs fan and when they lose, I am a very bitter person.  Well last night after going on a 20 game winning streak, 10 from the regular season and 10 in the playoffs, there were looking almost unbeatable and rolling like a Mac Truck towards the finals.  In fact, some people were talking about them going undefeated in the playoffs, something that had never been done.  It was last Tuesday that they had just defeated the Thunder and the whole world (of NBA fans) was wondering if this team could ever be defeated.  Well two days later, we found out not only could they be beaten, but they had some flaws that were exposed by the Thunder that they were never able to recover from.  Four games later, they not only ended their win streak, but lost 4 in a row that they hadn’t done all year.  They just couldn’t seem to find a way to score and certainly couldn’t find a way to stop anyone else from scoring.  Is this what is making me bitter. Check.  But what makes me the most bitter is that I have now lost the chance to celebrate their Finals win, but getting a new Spurs T-shirt and commemerative hat, DVD and Sports Illustrated special edition book.  It means that I can’t say to all these TV personalities that predicted the Spurs were too old and past their time and couldn’t score and couldn’t play defense, “In your face!”.

It means that I can’t accept the non heart felt congratulations from other people who are bitter about their teams being out of the playoffs.  It means that I can’t be nervous for two days wondering if the Spurs can avoid a collapse in the fourth quarter to avoid going into a five game funk.  It means that I have to stop worrying about which socks I have to wear in order to help the Spurs win that night.  Now all the time wasted on ESPN. com, ESPN, MYSA.com will have to be devoted to wasting time on other things and I just don’t know what will replace it.  For this, I am bitter to say that the Spurs 2012 season that looked so promising, is now over and that makes me bitter.

Bitter Ben


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