Bitter Auto Sarcastic Answerer

I get busy being too lazy sometimes.

My life gets really hectic sometimes. I have all kinds of people to ignore, situations that take time to avoid, and work that needs to be done that I need to find excuses for not doing. It is a hectic life and one that doesn’t allow a lot of time for ambition. It’s not easy being lazy. With all the easy to do distractions like games and TV and social media feeds to mess up, it doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time to listen to people and give them a quality sarcastic answer complete with a heavy sigh.

It was a lot easier as a teenager to not care, and blow off parents. I was in a lot better shape and my mind cared a little, you know?

Now that I’m older and curvier, I just don’t have the desire to give you a fully cared about sarcastic answer. I still want to appear like I don’t care, just like when I was a teenager, but without all the fuss.

Therefore, I will be inventing this thing, when I get around to it, called the Bitter Auto Sarcastic Answerer. It will be a fully developed voice box to handle all your sarcastic answers to people, along with the right enthusiasm you used to have for not caring about someone or something.

Being sarcastic while juggling food and TV watching is hard.

Old people say that this thing have given them their life back.

“Just when I thought my sarcasm had fallen and not gotten back up, BASA, gave me my bitter back,” says longtime sarcasm sufferer Earl “Couchy” Banks.

“I thought I would never get my enthusiasm for making others feel stupid for saying obvious things with my sarcastic remarks again. BASA is a bitter saying miracle!”

Just because you’ve gotten older, doesn’t mean you have give up your sarcasm.

Get your sarcasm back with your Bitter Auto Sarcasm Answerer.


Bitter Sarcasm Creator Ben


21 thoughts on “Bitter Auto Sarcastic Answerer

  1. HA! Too funny!!! πŸ™‚

    I am not sarcastic very often…but I birth-ed some very sarcastic people. HA! πŸ™‚
    Years ago they bought a sign for me that says “National Sarcasm Society: Like we need your support.”

    In honor of our feud, I am inventing the SACA (Sweet Auto Compliment Answerer)! πŸ˜› HA! πŸ˜€

    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚


    • That sounds good. We will both have machinces and we will compete to see who gets more sales. In the end, I will win. Because either I will get more money and crush my competition, or lose and be really bitter about it. Either way, I win…and lose.

      I wish someone would get ME that sign. Now I’m bitter that someone didn’t get one for me.

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  2. In case you need people to test prototypes on, I’m right here! And I live in Europe, so play your cards well and before you know it the whole World could become sarcastic over time >:)


    • That will definitely be a problem, because I’m 50 things behind on ignoring. I know I will make lots of money doing it, but I’m too lazy to get around to doing it, even with the cool acronym.


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