Bitter Cancellation

I used to think that you had no choice in a lot of matters. Once you sign up for something, you were part of that thing for life. A year and a half ago, we signed up for Netflix and every month since, whether we watched something or not, they charged us $11 a month. … Continue reading Bitter Cancellation

If People Were Named After Their Personalities Like Me

I guess I should probably tell you that I finally got a job and just as there are perks (I get paid money to do things) there are also the regular non-perks. The main non-perk is the same non-perk that almost every other job has. Other people. If it wasn't for that and the whole … Continue reading If People Were Named After Their Personalities Like Me

Bitter House on the Prairie

Every time I have to go outside to do some manual labor, ie work on my pizza garden, cut down a tree, or mow a lawn, I feel like I'm one of those freaking kids in Little House on the Prairie. Goodness gracious, it's 2016. Isn't there an app for this yet? I think the … Continue reading Bitter House on the Prairie

Welcome to Bitter Convention (BitterCon) 2014

  Now that Halloween is over, winter is chilling people to the bone, Christmas decorations are going up way too early, and the malls are being filled bitter people ready to fight for super cheap crap that nobody wants for a gift, I'm sensing a growing amount of bitter people of the world. It occurs … Continue reading Welcome to Bitter Convention (BitterCon) 2014