When I was growing up, sports was just kind of my deal. I didn't always love them, but I had a natural skill at some of them, so people always put me in them. I was decent at basketball, volleyball, baseball, long jump (had the school record for a couple of weeks) and was weirdly … Continue reading Trolling

Freezing Bitterness

Last night I was a little miffed. This is my favorite time of year. Not because of the warmer, longer days, or because there are more activities going on outside. I mean, we have a freaking mosquito infestation right outside our door, so the minute we leave our house, we have to sprint outside to … Continue reading Freezing Bitterness

Variety Is the Spice of Life

One of my favorite movies of all time is Scott Pilgrim. If you don't know it, that's okay. I kind of like to keep it to myself. Anyways, one of the parts that is funniest to me is when Scott goes to this new girl's house and she asks him if he wants tea. He … Continue reading Variety Is the Spice of Life

Maniac Monday – Bitter Memory Loss

One day, on my way to picking up my daughter from play practice, I got one of those amazing thoughts. It was a blog post idea that made immediate sense. I was so excited that I completely ignored my son, and driving and pulled out my phone. This is where I store all my ideas … Continue reading Maniac Monday – Bitter Memory Loss