Freezing Bitterness

My Mecca.

Last night I was a little miffed. This is my favorite time of year. Not because of the warmer, longer days, or because there are more activities going on outside. I mean, we have a freaking mosquito infestation right outside our door, so the minute we leave our house, we have to sprint outside to avoid getting the mosquito pox.

Nope, it is because my favorite, E3(Eletronic Entertainment Expo) gives me more reasons to stay INSIDE and spend way more money. Usually these three days determine what I will be asking for Christmas, birthdays and Father’s Day. This is my Christmas, my 4th of July, my vacation to Paris. I would rather go to California in mid June to go to E3 than do a Gondola ride in Italy (or wherever that is). It is where everyone announces their big games, consoles and other things I will be obssesed for in the coming year.

On Sunday night, I hopped on my computer to listen to the Xbox conference and other people in my family tried to talk to me, and they got a big bag of ignorage from me. Today at work, people might need me, but everything they say will go in one ear and out the other.

When one of my favorite games announced a sequel, I was stoked. I will, of course, be first in line when it comes out…in two or three years. Anyways, they were kind enough to give my current game a little reward, 5X points week, while the conference is going on.

…says my Xbox.

Here is where my bitterness comes in. Last night I was ready to log in and get some 5X points on my game, and the Xbox wasn’t working. I tried it over and over and over again and nothing. I would start the game, and just like the Black Panther when he saw the girl he loved, the game FROZE. It was like Elsa, Mr. Freeze and Ice Man all got together and decided that they were going to combine freezing against my Xbox, just so during the week when the greatest amount of points were available, my Xbox wouldn’t be.

I almost felt like going outside and getting eaten alive by the mosquitos. What is the point of staying inside if you can’t get the points you so dearly wanted? It’s like when I come into work on Friday, craving pizza like I always do every Friday, and all the pizza stores in the world were broken.

Excuse me while I go cry bitterly in the corner.

What are your meccas? What week do you look forward to every year? Or what is the bucket list thing that you’ve always wanted to go to and got denied?


Bitter Frozen Ben


14 thoughts on “Freezing Bitterness

  1. My son watched E3 live via YouTube, too, so I may as well lived alone for the duration of it! My theoretical Mecca would be a Bed & Breakfast weekend in New England, but I’ve never actually been to one, so it could end up being a Bitter Experience. Who knows?


  2. We’re in Season 6 of The Office, now. Yesterday we tried to watch an episode and Netflix displayed a notice saying it was not available for streaming. I nearly fainted. How could they cancel streaming when we weren’t finished with the series?!!! We felt very bitter. Fortunately, after 3 long bitter hours it was suddenly available again. Either there was a glitch in their system or a mighty popular uprising occurred that changed Netflix’s mind. But at least it’s back. Sorry about your frozen Xbox. Perhaps if you set it out in the summer sun it might thaw a bit.


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