A Bitter A noun cement for Bacon

A little while ago, a Super group similar to the Avengers or the Justice League formed, called the Funny Blog Friday group, with the purpose of making Friday Funny.  I was asked to join that group, because all groups need a bitter member. Every Justice League needs their Aquaman(you know the one whose superpower is … Continue reading A Bitter A noun cement for Bacon

Bread Bitterness

If you are not a nutritional expert like me, then you will probably not know this about bread.  It has carbs, which means some people avoid bread and it other gang members like the bulbonic plague.  If bread was a person, it would be one of those unassuming people, perhaps a co-worker or friend on facebook that … Continue reading Bread Bitterness

Bitter Bacon Ben

Hello. I’m Ben’s Bitter Bacon and I’m taking over here.  Ben was too bitter to write anything this today.  What a chump.  I’m going to be the official Ben’s Bitter Blog mascot.  Maybe not.  Maybe I will just take over.  He is bitter, but not as much as me.  Now that I have hacked in, … Continue reading Bitter Bacon Ben