My Chair is Aging Bitter Friday Giftures


I just started a new job a couple of months ago, and when they brought me to my desk, it was pretty plain. It has a computer, two monitors and well, a chair. I have a really bad back, because of age, scoliosis that I was diagnosed for as a kid and before last year, overwhelming pressure from my front.

I’ve lost a few lbs., but my back still hurts. The reason I bring this up is because the chair I sit in seems to be a few years old. And when I say a few years old, I mean, like my amount of years old. Just like me it is showing the effects of aging.  Just like with age, my hair is falling out, my aforementioned back is creaking, and things just seem to fall off.

My chair has a hard back, the joints are creaky, the wheels aren’t smooth, and just recently, its skin started  falling off. Yeah, you heard that right. You know how leather, or faux leather, in the case of this chair, starts cracking? Well, this chair is beyond the cracking and is now to the peeling stage. Just like I will discover hair falling out in my sink, I will find cracking pieces of leather falling off my chair on the floor everyday.

I wonder if this place has a program in their system here that determines your chair by your age and your condition.  If so, then the program matched me and my chair perfectly, because this chair matches my age.

Enough about chairs, let’s just get to the Bitter Friday Giftures.

But more importantly…

falling apart GIF

…my chair is falling apart.

Doesn’t it just feel like…

Fail Home Video GIF by Cheezburger

…one thing could go wrong and things could go really sideways?

It only takes a little push…

Fred Savage Flood GIF by What Just Happened??!

…to push things to the brink.

Take down…

Falling Apart Amanda GIF by GodSquadChurch

…one wall,

Have a…

…little bit of sugar.

Have a…

Animated GIF

…kid or two.

Get a little…

The Office No GIF

…bad news.

Get a little…

sucker punch GIF

…sucker punched.

Get a hair…

season 3 GIF

…out of place…

Or perhaps…

compilation satisfying GIF

…a neck out of place.

When chairs…

chair fail GIF

…aren’t doing their jobs.

How are we supposed…

its always sunny in philadelphia job GIF

…to do ours?

It easy to blame the chair for things falling apart, so that is what I’m going to do. What else would I do, accept blame myself? Seriously, you are so funny.



Bitter Chair falling apart Ben

10 thoughts on “My Chair is Aging Bitter Friday Giftures

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  2. When I was young. I was given used office chair that slanted. I ended up getting back surgery by age 30 and I still blame that fucking chair. I have bought my own ever since. But If your doc gives u a note., ADA might force your employers to buy one for u. But a great adjustable chair is less than 500 bucks. No back pain is priceless.

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  3. Computers match everything from potential mates to items we might want to buy because we bought something else, so why not match office chair to employee? That sounds reasonable. I think the program needs a tweak though, so it gives dilapidated chairs to young, able-bodied workers who can handle the discomfort, and newer, cushier chairs to the dilapidated people. Able-bodied people are better equipped to demand new chairs if they want them. 🙂

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    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. The young people need some discomfort when they are young because they need some obstacles early in life. Then when they are old like me, they will be used to despair and ready for a nice chair.


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