Bodycam for Work Bitter Friday Giftures


I get a lot of ideas and inspiration from Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert), who is actually a pretty brilliant guy, with a good sense of humor.  I’m much like him, except for his brilliance and sense of humor.

Anyway, recently he had a series of Dilberts where Dilbert wore a work bodycam so he could keep track of how many times the pointy-haired boss contradicted himself throughout the day. I know that bodycams aren’t a common thing in workplaces yet, but maybe they could be. I mean, even if they weren’t used for keeping bosses in check, they could me mined for comedy effect. Have you seen some of the ridiculous things your co-workers have done and just wished you could record them just to prove that this is real to your family and friends? I know I would have some gems I could have mined.

It’s actually too bad the government couldn’t give us all the recordings they do of us everyday too, because TV would be so much more interesting…but we all know you aren’t here for my ramblings. Let’s just get to our Bitter Friday Giftures shall we…

If only we had bodycams on us all the time…

baby lol GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos

…then we might have more moments like this.

We would have happy accidents…

 funny fail oops coke mentos GIF

…like this.

Great payback…

kitty launch GIF by ViralHog

…like this.

Uncomfortable moments…

Earthquake Shaking GIF by swerk

…like this.

Unimpressed moments…

unimpressed snow white GIF

…like this.

Bad dance moves…

hip hop happy dance GIF

…like this.

And worse dance moves…

funny high heels GIF

…like this.

We’d be able to capture bad drivers…

funny ditch GIF

…like this.

And we would have known…

Bad Day Road GIF by JustViral.Net

…how the heck this happened.

We’d be able to keep up with cars…

funny challenge GIF

…like this.

We’d get stuck in sticky situations…

high kick oops GIF

…like this.

And we would be able to end things…

GIF by ViralHog

…like this.

In the end, I’m just not sure how we as a species survived so many years without accessible cameras to capture moments like this. I’m guessing all these really serious people that invented things, or big wigs from times of old were ever exposed to cameras or people taking video of them would have been way less respected when we found all this viral video of them doing weird stuff as kids, or dumb stuff as teenagers, or just plain stuff we do as adults that is captured by cameras. Anyways, cameras have been a game changer in our day and one that has finally exposed all of us as way more flawed than any of us imagined.



Bitter Bodycam Ben











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