Running on a Treadmill Bitter Friday Giftures


Whatever you do, don’t go to the doctor. You think you are just going there for a routine check or to get some pills so they can just easily cure you. Turns out that isn’t the case. They grilled me about everything that was wrong with me, and boy was there everything wrong with me. They did give me some pills, but way more than that, they gave me all kinds of assignments. Like, don’t eat any caffeine or chocolate for the rest of the day. On Halloween. Oh, and we need you to run on a treadmill. WTF?

In honor of having to run on a treadmill, here are a bunch of gifs that have to do with running in place and uselessness.

This is going to be me…


This is the closest to…

…space exploration I will ever be doing.

This is the kind of treadmill challenge…

…I am up to.

Who says…

…dinosaurs don’t exist?

Some people…

…get way into Halloween.

Some people are just in a hurry…

…to get treadmilling.

Some people become Ninja’s…

…just so they can run on treadmills. 

This is how I feel when they ask me to treadmill…

…leaf me alone. 

After a hard workout, I just wanna know…

…water you doing?

This is what I do…

…as soon as I finish with the treadmill.

This is how I feel…

…as soon as I finish working.

Me at work on Friday…

…when someone asks me to do something for the weekend.

Alright enough of this. I have to go get ready for the first and possibly last time I will be running on a treadmill. Wish me luck.


Bitter Treadmill Ben


9 thoughts on “Running on a Treadmill Bitter Friday Giftures

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  4. I’m bitter about treadmills, too. My doc had me get on one of those contraptions. I was huffin’ and puffin’ like the Big Bad Wolf when I was finished. Yeah. When I said I was finished, but not the overseers. I FAILED. I didn’t treadmill as long as THEY wanted. It was all for nothing. I now await the order for my replacement torture.

    Yeah, I’m right with you on the bitter.


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