Journey Friday Giftures


Lately, I’ve been taking a lot of journeys. I went on a 10 state 2000+ journey across the southern United States. This week I’ve been trying to walk 50 K total for Pokemon Go. And then there is the bitter discovery of trying to know what I want to do in my life at the age of 46. Some of the journeys were very specific and had very attainable and realizable goals. Others are way more confusing and have less of a direct path. All I know is every single one is exhausting and each is in need of a couch at the end and that should be the goal. Thankfully, I always end up there at the end. And the end of the week should always have a bunch of giftures as a reward for all the steps we’ve made during the week. Let’s not disappoint this week.

Road trips always start with…

…a ridiculous amount of bad for you food.

There is sleep…


…but always the uncomfortable kind.

There is always…

…that murder mystery you have to solve.

I always hate…

…the cloud of dust that causes a fight in the back seat.

There are always those random towns…

…you never knew you wanted to see.

Seems like you always end up…

…with people you don’t want to.

As glamorous as road trips seem sometimes…

…there is just a whole lot of the staring out the window.

Then there is the constant…

…what time is it? When are you going to be there? How many miles before we want to stop?

At some point you start…

…to question how long you have been on the road.

Did it start yet…

…Captain Obviously.

At some point…


…desperation sets in and you want to go back, but realize that it would take longer to do that than go forward.


…we are not.

As annoying as that last question is from your kids in the car on the road trip, it is actually one we ask ourselves all the time. Are we there yet in our family life? Are we there yet in our career? Are we there yet for our retirement? And most importantly are we there yet to win the lottery? It seems like our life road trip never really ends until we bite the big one. All I know is I’m tired of asking that question.


Bitter Journey Ben



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