April Foolish Bitter Friday Giftures


If you guys have followed the blog for a while, you probably know that I have always done an April Fools joke every year. Some fairly good, other’s awful and this year, well, it wasn’t very good, but apparently most of you fell for it anyways. I did not ever get a tweet from Rainn Wilson asking to talk to me. Everything else I said in that post was true though. I do love the Office. Anyways, sorry for getting all your hopes up for the people that thought this blog was going to take me anywhere. A bitter person knows that stuff like that never happens to a dude like me. Anyways, to make up for such an awful April Fools Day prank, here are some Bitter Friday Giftures.


…of the horsing around.

Make sure you…


Make sure you…

…fade away.

Make sure you don’t…

…get too tired.

Make sure you do…

…whatever floats your boat.

Make sure things aren’t…

…a catastrophe.



…try not to get too fired up.

You can be nice…

…oar you can whack someone with an…oar.

The troubles Santa has…

…getting his reindeer going in the morning.

This isn’t what we meant when we said…

…we wanted Panda Express.

This guy…

…forgot to pack his trunk.


…things are just stairing you in the face.

Thankfully, April is full of a lot of chances for shenanigans and tomfoolery. Let me know what April Fool’s jokes you enjoyed the best and I’ll do my best to copy the best ones next year.


Bitter April Fool Ben


6 thoughts on “April Foolish Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. Well, you made a fool of me. I believed you. There go all my hopes of being remotely associated with a guy who made it big. I should have known. Now I feel the same old bitter, again.


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