Man Cave Bitter Friday Giftures

I’m almost 46 and I still don’t have a man cave. Something needs to be done about this. I will even go as far as digging a few holes in the ground, but I don’t know if my HOA will approve that. In that case, I should tell them that I won’t dig holes if they will pay to get my basement finished along with the man cave built. Seems fair right? Oh, it doesn’t? Well, as my dad always told me, “Life isn’t fair.” So that includes you too HOA. I will expect it done by the end of April. I’m pretty reasonable that way. Speaking of unfair, these Giftures are pretty unfair too.

Butter is good…

…but I’m not smooth.

Sometimes you just have to get…

…bird off your shoulder.

It’s always good to get exercise…

…like getting in a good swim.

I guess that is one way…

…to end winter.

It’s always nice…

…when your brakes work going down a hill.

It’s always nice to…

…bounce back.

When you hand them something on a silver platter…

…and they still mess it up.

We clearly know…

…which one is dad’s favorite.


…I quite enjoy it.

You’d be amazed…

…at how little I can do.

Because of how…

…I can relate.

A true failure…

…can make it not work on any day.

And that is how the failure sauce is made. Look forward to pictures of the man cave the my HOA is most assuredly going to build in my basement, despite how unfair it will be for them.


Bitter Man Cave Ben


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8 thoughts on “Man Cave Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. HA! You should build a bomb shelter like the family had in the old movie “Blast from the Past”! 😀 You could call it The Burp and Fart Shelter and NO ONE would want to join you in there! 😉 😛
    Oh, that poor frog! 😛
    And, YIKES, they decapitated the snowman! 😮 😦
    HUGS!!! Have a Happy Whee-kend, BB! 😀


  2. You have to learn to call it something other than a man cave. Mine, for example, is the family library. It used to be a bedroom, until its occupant went off to college. So I put in some bookshelves, a comfortable chair, and a futon for when company needs a place to sleep, and voila: disguised man cave. J.


    • That is a genius idea. I shall call the unfinished basement the man cave as no one in the family wants to go down there. I just need to get the TV hooked up and an old couch to go in down there.


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